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Hi I did a search, but couldn't find any earlier references to this topic.

My PA daughter eats a lot of Pizza Pizza (only brand of pizza she really likes). So, I was a bit concerned when they introduced Pesto pizza earlier this year (cross contamination of cutting tools, etc). I contacted them and received a prompt reply stating that they do not use any nuts/nut products in their Pesto sauce. I've deleted their mail from my inbox, but from what I remember, it made it sound like it was a conscious decision not to use nut products because of allergen awareness.


On Apr 27, 2004

Thanks so much for posting this!

I noticed the ads for the pesto pizza last week and we usually orde Pizza Pizza on Fridays. I was trying to figure out how to get ingredient information from them - I was hinking of asking to be put through to customer service from the order phone number (which is what you do when your pizza is late).

Again thanks so much for the info!


On Apr 27, 2004

hannah mom, thank-you. [img][/img]

We have a Pizza Pizza around the corner from us (I think we have every fast food place around the corner from us right now [img][/img] ) and I had also noticed their ad for Pesto Pizza. We don't order from there, but it was something in the back of my mind.

The kids get their school pizza from another place, Papa's Pizza, and it is "safe" for my PA son to have. So, that's once a week.

Anyway, my PA son's class had won a pizza party for some reason. I naturally assumed (why, I don't know - perhaps because the principal told me at the beginning of the school year that if Papa's Pizza was not safe for my PA son then my son was SOL because Papa's Pizza was a long standing tradition in their school) that the pizza for the pizza party was coming from Papa's Pizza.

The principal wouldn't accept my written school plan for Jesse at school this year, so me being the food monitor is out. That means that whenever there is food involved, I don't get a courtesy call beforehand to check to make sure the food is okay. The food *just* happens.

At any rate, the pizza party was yesterday and as we were on the bus going to a doctor's appointment Jess had, I asked him how his pizza party was and if it was Papa's Pizza. No, it was Pizza Pizza.

I thought, oh, for Chrikey sake, what about that long standing tradition with Papa's Pizza? Could someone not have called me and said, hey, we're ordering pizza from Pizza Pizza, we know you've okayed Papa's Pizza 'cus your children get pizza each week from there, but would you mind checking?

Of course, all I could think at that point (aside from putting it in my file in the back of my head about why I hate this school and also why I should win BAD MOMMY of the Year award), well, Jesse is okay.

Previous to pesto pizza being introduced, when we lived in the other town, there were only three places to order pizza. Two local shops (one was heavenly) and Pizza Pizza. It was always "safe" then.

Also, I recently had a Lipton's Sidekicks dish that was pesto as well and there were no tree nuts in the mix of that either. I haven't had pesto in years now (because of PA), but that Sidekicks dish, the pesto tasted like *real* pesto to me (yes, a gourmet and Sidekick eater in one [img][/img] ). Maybe a lot of places are finding they can do the pesto thing without the nut thing so that more people can enjoy.

Basically what I had wanted to say (before I got my usual long winded self) was thank-you for posting this information. It really helped assuage any guilt I had remaining about not having called the school myself when I found out Jess was having a pizza party just to make sure that they were ordering from Papa's Pizza, at which point I would have learned that no, they weren't, and could have called Pizza Pizza.

Thank-you. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]