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[url=""][/url] (800)948-8488 customer service center They informed me that their pizzas do not contain any nut products. They do use soybean oil. The dough is produced by another company for Pizza Hut and I asked about cross contamination. The rep was not able to help me with my more specific questions and is having someone return my call from the corporate office.

On Sep 7, 2002


I can tell you that my PN/TNA son eats Pizza Hut weekly with no reactions/problems. He has eaten their pan and thin crust pizzas as well as their regular breadsticks with sauce.

I worked at Pizza Hut in college and saw many PA children eat the pizza without problems. Also, the pan and hand crust pizza dough come in frozen "discs" and the thin crust is made daily in the stores. The workers that make this crust are not always the cleanliest (smoking/eating and what not while the dough is mixing) people so I don't feel the safest with that particular crust. None of the other crusts are made like that. The cheese for the stuffed crust is added by the staff though.



On Oct 7, 2002

We order Pizza Hut Pizza at least once a month and my PA son has NEVER had a problem with their pizza.

We always order the *Thin & Crispy* crust so I wish I had seen this thread before! [img][/img] We just ordered last night as a matter of fact.

I think I'll start ordering the hand tossed pizza. [img][/img]

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Oct 9, 2002

I have spoken with local franchises of Pizza Hut in both Stayner and Belleville and I have been told that they are both PA safe. Our family orders pizza from Pizza Hut once a month (Triple Crown and Vegetarian) and Jesse has been eating Pizza Hut individual pizzas on Pizza Day at school. This is his fourth year doing so (except for a little blip in Stayner when they changed to a local pizzeria). We have never had any problems with them whatsoever. This last month even, he ate both their garlic bread and breadsticks provided with our pizza (at home) and no problem there either. I feel really comfortable with Pizza Hut.

This information is Canadian specific.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Oct 19, 2002

Hi. My daughter has eaten at Pizza Hut several times without any problems, but we moved to a new area last year. The waitress told me there were no nuts, but the manager was standing nearby, so I double-checked with him. He said the spray they used in the pans for pan pizza does NOT list any specific oil on the label, so he recommended that she not eat the personal pan pizza we had just ordered for her. In fact, they made an extra medium hand-tossed pizza and didn't charge us. Since then I asked at another Pizza Hut & was told the same thing. So now we avoid the pan pizza, just in case.


On Oct 22, 2002

UGH-that stinks! My PA/TNA dd is earning coupons for free personal pan pizzas by reading books. I guess I should call pizza hut. [img][/img]


On Oct 22, 2002


Just wanted to let you know that my son has eaten at Pizza Hut uncountable times with no problems. Not saying you shouldn't check, of course, just don't rule it out until you find out for sure. My son (PA/TNA) is doing the "Book It" thing, too!

On Oct 22, 2002

I guess it will have to be a comfort thing. I will still let my son eat it though because he has eaten them (personal pans) so many times without any problems.

I know that I read the oil containers SEVERAL times when I was a waitress there and there were no nut oils of any kind. Of course that has not been recently.

Jaime =)

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On Oct 22, 2002

I have eaten Pizza Hut pizza many times since I was a kid, and have never had a problem. I would consider it safe and would not hesitate to eat it again.

On Jan 26, 2003

We also have eaten at Pizza Hut with no reactions but we "always" ask to see the spray used on the pans. One Pizza Hut had told us at one time they had used peanut oil spray because they ran out of the regular spray! Just a always check.

On Feb 5, 2003

Pizza Hut Australia (and the other pizza chains) here have special menu items every now and then. One of the specials is often 'chicken satay' pizza.

So, we don't go out for pizza...

I guess its just as well I make can mean one here!

Geoff (Helen's hubby)

On Mar 16, 2003

Pizza Hut is safe. They have cinnamon rolls for dessert which is also safe!! [img][/img] [img][/img] My son's hockey team has been going there for 3 yrs now. [img][/img]

On Mar 17, 2003

Hi Sandy,

Yes, my comfort zone allows me to eat Pizza Hut Canada too, as I ate there all my life and had no problems.

I did ask about their dessert pizzas when they were introduced a few years ago, and was told they were safe too for PA individuals.

On Apr 8, 2003

I wish my Pizza Hut experience was as uneventful as all of yours. After receiving assurances from the manager that all products and oils were nut free, we dug into their lunch buffet. Two bites into a slice of cheese pan pizza, my son started coughing and itching. He broke out into hives over his entire body and his mouth swelled. I quickily gave him a dose of benadryl and washed his hands and face. He didn't get any worse- but I have since lost my appetite for their pizza. That is the only time since his diagnosis that we have EVER had such a scare.

On Apr 8, 2003

That is weird. Maybe one of the employees was eating a nut product and then touched the pizza? Who knows. I am sorry your child had a reaction. I feel very comfortable letting my son eat the pizza and breadsticks from Pizza Hut.


On Apr 8, 2003

I have also eaten at Pizza Hut since I was a kid and never had any problems, and was told they do not use any peanut products. I am in Canada.

On Apr 8, 2003

We have eaten many times at Pizza Hut without incident.

Any chance your son is allergic to something else?

On Apr 13, 2003

My sil is a manager for a pizza hut and I asked her about the spray that they use on the pans, she called me and said the ingredients are soybean oil, and lethicin, my dd is allergic to eggs as well but hasn't had a problem, doesn't lethicin mean egg???? Tamie

On Apr 13, 2003

Hi Tamie..

Lecithin can come from various sources. I have noticed it is usually from soy, but not always.

On Apr 16, 2003

i used to work at pizza hut and if your child has free personal pan coupons and you are not comfortable with the pan spray, they do make a personal thin crust. they should be able to substitute it in our situations.

one thing, not pn related, but shellfish related. my son is shellfish allergic so we will not be eating at pizza hut because here in louisianan they offer shrimp as a topping. they come in bags with juice and they are poured into containers right next to other topping containers. soemtimes the juices drip into the other containers and i was never told to wash my hands after using the shrimp. i think i'll call them and ask them to change that.

------------------ mommy to gabriel 11-25-02 who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish

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On Apr 16, 2003

We've eaten at Pizza Hut so often over the last 8 or 9 years that the thought of it now makes me nauseous. My DD has never had a problem and she loves it, so reluctantly, I still take her there.

My DD eats their pizza, no problem (also no anchovies). She's also had their spaghetti, pasta primavera, garlic bread,caesar and greek salads.

Erik, do you know what is in the dessert pizza? I think they're tasty, but I've never let my DD try it.


On Apr 17, 2003

Hi McKenzie's Mom,

I have eaten Pizza Hut since I was a kid, and I have never had any problems at all.

I asked at the Pizza Hut about the dessert pizza, and they told me it is peanut-free. There are two varieties - cherry and apple. I thought it was quite good (I have eaten it many times).

I would ask again anyway before your daughter ate it (just in case they changed the recipe recently... you never know), but they told me it is peanut-free and I have eaten it many times so I consider it safe.

I have always found Pizza Hut to be safe. Although I have never used the ice cream bar as I rarely eat ice cream (due to 'may contain' warnings) so that is the only place I think might be unsafe.

On Apr 17, 2003

We have eaten at Pizza Hut(Canada) many times without incident. My daughter (PA) has eaten the pizza, salads and dessert pizza.

On Dec 4, 2003

Pizza Hut Canada - Just wanted to let you know that the new Cinnaring at Pizza Hut is also safe for PA/TNA individuals.

Here's the ingredients that Pizza Hut sent to me. Cinnaring: Dough: Salt, sugar, yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), wheat flour, monoglycerides (vegetable origin), diacetyl tartaric esters of mono-di glycerides of fatty acids (vegetable origin), ascorbic acid, fungal amylases (derived from A. niger and A. oryzae)

String Icing: Icing Sugar (contains corn starch), water, sugar, maltodextrin, modified corn starch, guar gum, citric acid, agar, potassium sorbate, ammonium alginate, calcium alginate, colour, artificial flavour.

Cinnamon Topping: Sugar, brown sugar, spice, hydrogenated soybean oil, caramel colour, molasses, flavour, maltodextrin, calcium silicate.

The dipping sauce, which comes in the middle of the ring, contains the following:

Carmel Topping: Sugar/glucose-fructose, water, modified milk ingredients, corn starch, salt, disodium phosphate, potassium sorbate, mono and diglycerides, xanthan gum, artificial flavour, colour.

I didn't see anything in there that was a concern to me - except the length of the list - but that's a different issue!

They also told me that the only thing on their menu with PN or TN is the Turtle Cake, which comes frozen to the stores and has pecans in it.

Anyway, it all looks good to me [img][/img] Margaret