Pizza ?


Does anyone know if pepperoni, cheese pizza has peanut? My 3 yos was just diagnosed w/pa. Pizza is often served at his Sunday school and I am wondering if it is considered safe. I think it comes from Dominos. Thanks! Carla

On Apr 30, 2003

Our Domino's is safe here, but you might want to call and find out which Domino's they order if from and call that store to confirm it's safe. We've never had a problem with Domino's, Papa John's or Pizza Hut. Pizza is actually one of my little guys favorite foods. Good luck!

Take Care, Amy

On Apr 30, 2003

Our Domino's is safe, too. I had a local teener who is my friend and works there check into it. Not all Domino's are, though, or so I've seen posted here. I would avoid pizza at restaurants, though, that serve lots of other dishes, as cross contaminations issues arise then.


On Apr 30, 2003

We have never found peanut oil to be in pizza. You should always double check before you place your order.Don't assume that because it is safe today, it will be safe next week. They may change ingredients. Being Italian, I would have to say that pizza made with peanut oil would probably not be very good. It has a very distinct taste! Denise

On Apr 30, 2003

I have come across peanut oil in Pizza. It was at a restaurant in Florida. However, our Domino's here in Massachusetts is safe. I would just always check w/ each place you order pizza since sometimes Peanut Oil (in rare cases) is used on the pan or in the crust.

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On Apr 30, 2003

Our local Domino's pizza has been great providing us w/ ingredient information. (And, BTW, the manager charges me only $5 for a large cheese pizza if it's for a school event and if I come pick them up. Quite a nice deal since many of us PA parents are eternal Room Moms... [img][/img] )

I also read in an article that pine nuts are sometimes used on pizzas (perhaps in the sauce?).


On Apr 30, 2003

Yes.. pine nuts are used in pesto sauce.

On Apr 30, 2003

Many thanks for the quick replies! I will contact the pizza shop and get the ingredients. This is a whole new world for me! Thanks again, Carla

On May 1, 2003

CarlaB in TX...

I thought I just read your 3 year old is allergic to milk (dairy). What about the cheese on the pizza? Does that not cause a problem?

On May 1, 2003

Watch out for the "tomato" sauce in the pizza, too, if tomato is a problem (thought I saw that on your other post).

On May 1, 2003

I came across peanut flour in a pizza once.

On May 5, 2003

I have seen Hawaiian pizza with almonds on it and Peanut Butter and Jelly pizza.

On May 6, 2003


Originally posted by Mookie: [b]I have seen... Peanut Butter and Jelly pizza. [/b]

EEEWWWWWW Gross. And I use to like PB&J before my kids were dx'd PA! But, GAWD! That's just plain DISGUSTING! :-&


On May 7, 2003

Our Domino's is supposedly safe. My DS is too young for pizza, though, so we haven't tried it yet.

There is a local pizza store (not Domino's) that offers cashew nuts for a pizza topping. Needless to say, we don't buy pizza from them. [img][/img]