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I know they say even bad publicity is good publicity but I want your feedback on 2 articles that were in my local paper this morning. It detailed a woman's fight to have her child's school district ban peanuts and of course it concentrated on the BAD reactions including the cafeteria workers who call themselves " mom of a peanut loving family" and they are upset saying they are " the mean old lunch ladies from hell!"because they are no longer able to serve peanut products! Well then I was really upset when a prominent allergist in our area compared no peanuts in school to no prayer allowed in school.Hello? Are we on the same page here or what!!!!!!!!

Yes, there were statistics and thankfully a second article written by a columnist who has a peanut allergic grandchild and he was much more on the mark. He went into an nice explanation of how even " as i kiss Sarah goodnight, could kill her"..if he had peanuts on his lips.He talked about anaphylactic shock, cross contamination and the airline issue. I just hope readers saw BOTH of these articles.

My issue is this. I would like to write a letter to the editor and focus on some postive PR for a change. I want to include how food manufacturers and restaurants can be more careful and how a cure can be on the horizon but we still must work together as a community to keep our kids safe!!!I am so sick of the negativity and the fighting about peanut vs. no-peanut. Pur kids have a situation that needs to be addressed and I want a safe peaceful solution!!!!!

Please share your thoughts and if anyone has written to a newspaper I would love to hear what you think!



On Jun 20, 1999

Can you tell me what the name of your newspaper is and what date you read any articles about peanut allergies?

I am doing some research and would be very interested in reading what your articles.


Take care, Louise, (Another parent of a peanut-allergic child.)

------------------ I'm 38, from the east coast, but currently live in Orange County, CA.

I'm married and have one child, Juliet, who will be three December 5, 1999.

I only learned what a peanut Allergy was "the hard way" when I gave Juliet a bite of her first peanut butter sandwich at 15 mos. old.

Juliet nearly died that day. We came so close to losing her that I can never be the same.

The week before her allergic reaction, her pediatrician suggested that introducing peanut butter at this time (15 mos.) would be "fine".

Had I known that there was the remotest possibility that her coming in contact with peanuts before 3 (or even 5 years old) could possibly cause her to have a fatal allergic disease; I'd never let her touch the stuff. However, like so many other parents, I wasn't aware of it at that time.

This allergy effects everything in my life, not merely my daughter's world. I find that I can't be "friends" with anyone who doesn't respect what living with a fatal food allergy really means. I've drifted away from those in our circle of "family and friends" who do not care to learn about it, or make the appropriate changes in their lifestyle that compromise Juliet's well-being.

Living with a fatal food allergy has been a transformative journey for all of us. It has opened my eyes to those others in the world that struggle with any kind of condition that could effect their safety.

I believe I have a resposibility to do whatever possible to share any and all information about "peanut allergies" with others. If we can save just one life from public awareness, it's worth it.

It appalls me that more information is not yet available to us in our "baby books", pediatric offices, magazines, television, radio, La Leche Breastfeeding Groups...) I just can't understand why athe possibility of a child's developing a fatal disease doesn't get more attention!

"Peanut allergies" remain a stigmatized condition that deserve respect.

I have started a small support group in the North Orange County area of California.

We meet once a month in Huntington Beach to offer support, share important information and work on ways to bring more awareness to the issues of fatal food allergies.

If anyone would like anymore information about our group they can email me at: [email]LouLar@Earthlink.Net[/email]

Thanks, Louise Larsen. [img]/peanut/boards/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]