Pirates Booty


There is a great line of nut-free snacks that I buy at the natural food market; although, I have seen it in some stores. It is by Robert's American Gourmet. All of the products are yummy ( I love the Caramel Booty). Check out their site [url="http://www.robscape.com"]www.robscape.com[/url]


On Jul 7, 2006

I really "Chaos". It's a snack mix. Really good.

On Jul 16, 2006

Is this an American line? Do you know if it is grocery stores? I am going to North Dakota and plan to bring back a pile of stuff!! Thanks

On Jul 16, 2006

Yes, it is an American line. They do carry it at our local grocery stores, but limited varities. My sister-in-law can get it in Hong Kong too! Email the company and see if someone carries it in ND.