Pillsbury dry goods


Hi everyone - I just joined the forum and have a daughter (4) with tree nut allergies and possibly peanut as well. We've known about her allergies for more than a year and are really grateful to fora like this one, the FAAN group, and various good manufacturers and family and friends for helping us figure it all out.

In that communal spirit I thought I'd pass on the conversation I had with the Pillsbury cake mix people; I called to confirm their manufacturing practices, and was told that: 1. any of the big 8 allergens will be clearly labeled as "contains X" 2. any potential for cross-contamination will be clearly labeled as "may contain x" - although their policy is always to keep nut and non-nut production lines physically separate and machinery is not shared - BUT 3. this only applies to Pillsbury products distributed by J.M. Smucker. So apparently, Pillsbury is a name licensed by different organizations, and J.M. Smucker is only responsible for cake mixes and frostings and such, and you could find Pillsbury products that do NOT follow this policy.

I was really pleased to hear, also, that they have an easily accessible basic allergen information recording on their phone line - including references and contact information for FAAN and the Gluten Action. . . network, something (sorry - we're not hip to the world of gluten allergies, thank goodness - but it was some gluten awareness group). The point is, I got the impression that they were knowledgeable and doing a responsible job. Without reliable government mandated inspection of the manufacturing facility and testing of products, I suppose you can never be sure, but it helped us to feel good about Pillsbury cake mixes and frostings that carries the Smucker label.

Hope that's helpful/relevant, and best wishes to everyone -


By boysmom on Feb 13, 2009

Thanks so much for passing this along! It's so hard to get responses from some manufacturers, thanks for saving us all the leg work. Sounds like they are very on top of this issue!