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Posted on: Mon, 10/20/2008 - 2:52am
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Wanted to let you all know that about 2 weeks ago I purchased the Shoprite brand 9 inch frozen pie crust (2 crust pack).I called customer service and wanted to make sure about cross-contamination and sure enough, the crusts are amnufacturedon the same equipment as peanuts/tree nuts,theonly warning on the label said "contains:wheat". Luckily the customer service rep. found an e-mail that the manufacturer sent to shoprite that stating the cross-contamination. I had to throw out the crusts but was sent coupons... justglad I spoke with someone that took the time to go into their computer system
Glad I called and asked as DD would have definately had a reaction.
On the plus side when I called Pillsbury about their crusts they said they have changed their labeling practices and if there is a possiblity of cross-contmination they will put that ingredient in the ingredient list! At Pillsbury they are also doing that with their cookies

Posted on: Tue, 11/11/2008 - 2:09pm
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Does anyone use tenderflake (frozen) or the Keebler crusts (unfrozen)?
I have baked with both, neither of which say anything about nuts on the label, but have avoided actually eating the crust, just had the filling.
I was nervous about it (always baking on holidays/weekends when you can't call anywhere!) but figured if the trace amounts were so small they weren't on the label, then the inside of the pie would surely be safe (... right?)..

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