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photos of the rashes associated with peanut allergy

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Here is a request which you can work on>>>

My name is ******; I am the food safety manager in an in-flight kitchen.

I often use photos in the training sessions that I conduct. Do you know of any websites that have photos of the rashes associated with peanut allergy. Any help that you can offer would be appreciated.

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Hello, is [email]Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com[/email]

I thought this would be a good topic to have covered on the boards, this will help us help others looking for this information.

If you have any time and can find this type of information please post it on this thread and e mail it to me also. Any credible links you may find, photos that are offered for the public etc.

The more resources we have posted the better.

Keep up the good work!


On May 14, 2001

You may want to add that not all life-threatening peanut reactions include a skin-rash.

On May 14, 2001

I'll see if I can find anything. Oh, and I think pictures of hives would be beneficial also.

On May 15, 2001

Here's a site that has photos of hives, as well as another skin condition, dermatographism (which I realize I have!!!). Hope this link works:


On May 31, 2001

hello, l was once asked if l could take some photos of william if he was having a mild reaction, as these photos are very useful for medical students. l must admit that so far with each reaction taling photos was the last thing on my mind, but l will try!

bye williamsmummy

On Jun 18, 2001

I have about four pictures of my son during pretty "good" reactions. Only one that I can remember was from peanut, the others were milk and a vaccine (but it's the same reaction). He was less than a year old at the time, but they are very good up close shots. If you are interested, please let me know. We don't have our scanner hooked up, but it is sitting here on the floor and I know it would only take my husband a minute to do! (p.s. these were taken before I knew anything about allergies and I then took them to the doctor to find out what was going on!)

On Jul 16, 2001

I took two photos of my son's only reaction 15 months ago (he ws 6 at the time). It has been very helpful in getting the school to co-operate...everyone seems fairly shocked at the photos as he was covered in hives. I also showed them to his allergist after the emergency room trip and he said it was a "classic peanut allergy reaction".