Philly Swirl


I've emailed a few companys lately and they still haven't got back to me.... [img][/img] makes me grumpy...anyhow my question is have any of you purchased Philly Swirl sherbert cups and given it to your PA child? from their website it looks completely safe but would love to hear a definite answer.

On Mar 8, 2001

Last summer the whole family including Axel(pa) lived on philly swirls we bought them at costco. The kids loved them and they had flavors that adults enjoyed to. I liked the difference from popsicles. Axel had NO PROBLEMS with them. christyn

On Mar 8, 2001

Thank you Christyn [img][/img] That's also where I saw them was in Costco. Yay! can't wait to try them.

On Mar 25, 2002

Philly Swirl is nut free!! [img][/img] [img][/img]

visit them at [url=""][/url]

Here is the emailed response that I received:

I completely understand your request about the production of our PHILLYSWIRL. Fortunately, our facility is NUT-FREE!! If you would like, please email us a phone number where you can be contacted and I will answer any of your questions about our facility. You can contact me DIRECT at 813-625-9633 Eastern Time!!! If you ever have any questions or comments, please email them to us. In the mean time, I hope we never disappoint you. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!! Sincerely, Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder

I am thrilled to find another safe nut free company and always support those that are allergy aware!

Keep up the great work Philly Swirl! [img][/img]

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On Jun 15, 2002

Guess where I just came back from?????? Costco(can you believe it) Anyway, Guess what they have now????

Philly Swirl sorbet popsickles!

A thank you to all that wrote about Philly Swirl being safe....I remembered and bought them. Couldn't get them home fast enough, the kids loved them....I haven't tried them since I'm on my work-out kick right now and if I start there is no stopping me, plus tomorrow my sister is making a cheese cake so that's my cheat treat for the week!

On Jun 15, 2002

Smack: I am so happy that you found Philly Swirl and that your kids like them!! [img][/img]

Maybe you could have one for your "cheat treat" next week!! [img][/img] ENJOY!

On Jul 24, 2002

SF, Thanks for letting us know that Philly Swirls are nut free. I would have never bothered to call the manufacture about them. I just assumed that all frozen treats were off limits for my PA son. He was so excited that there is an ice pop that he could eat. We just tried them tonight. They are great tasting and at only 49 calories each...easy on the thighs! [img][/img]

On Jul 25, 2002

Is Costco the same as Sam's Club? I cannot find this brand at the grocery where I live.


On Jul 25, 2002

Costco is a large warehouse-type discount store that sells everything from groceries to electronics to books. They are huge warehouses. You have to buy a membership to shop there (I think it is $50/year in Canada, not sure what the price is in the USA).

The Costco's in Canada are great as they sell peanut-free chocolate bars by the case. I bought a case of 24 Kit Kat Chunky bars last time I was there, and it was only $12 plus tax. They sell cases of all most of the peanut free bars (ie: Nestle Kit Kat, Aero, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Mirage) and other bars made on nut-free processing lines such as Cadbury Caramilk.

On Jul 25, 2002

B's Mom: You are very welcome! I am so happy you like them and can find them in your stores...My son loves the "chocolate fudge" flavor on a stick...I wish they would make a whole box of just this one flavor that comes in the assorted box! I know how difficult it is to find safe nut free frozen treats so I am thrilled to have found this product.

Enjoy! [img][/img]

On Sep 1, 2002

Here's a new one... Alex Plotkin of Philly Swirl called me spontaneously (I had already contacted the company to confirm that they are PN/TN-free) to say that they are going to start making ice cream and he is contacting people who have contacted THEM about allergens to tell them about it b/c of concerns about highly dairy-allergic people. I didn't get ALL the details, because after he said that the change would NOT affect the peanut/nut content of their products I was so happy I kind of stopped listening carefully... but it seems that the ice cream will be made in the same facility, and perhaps the same lines as the sorbet (not good news for highly sensitive milk-allergic people). I'm so happy we can keep buying the sorbet... but then it occurred to me after I talked to him...does this mean that there will be a SAFE ICE CREAM in the United States?? That would be amazing! At some point I'm going to try contacting them again...they are very responsive to e-mails...Alex Plotkin really gives you individualized attention...I may not be able to do it soon with my crazy schedule right now... but I thought I'd let people know about the change and maybe some of you will have the chance to contact them yourselves.

On Sep 6, 2002

I called Phillyswirl this morning and spoke with Max, one of the owners. (They are such nice people!!) 1-877-379-4757 is their phone number.He said they are looking into making ice cream and that the popsiclea and cups would still be safe because they would be made on a different line. He also said that they are not looking to make any ice creams with nuts so that their ice cream products should be safe too!! I told him I could kiss him and that there is no safe ice cream in the USA for PA people. (At least none that will claim 100% they are safe) I told him if they start producing a safe ice cream for peanut/nut alergic people they will have an entire folowing buying the product. He seemed really pleased with this and said to keep checking back with them for updates! They are super people! I was so happy when I got off the phone I did a little dance!!! [img][/img] kcmom

On Sep 6, 2002

Abers & Kcmom: AMAZING!!! [img][/img] [img][/img] Thanks for posting this news! I have had numerous conversations with them in the past and I think they are a terrific company and have excellent customer service! I will give them a call next week also to find out about this new ice cream.

I would be so excited to have a safe ice cream product for all peanut allergic people!!!!

On Sep 7, 2002

I just spoke with Alex from Philly swirl yesterday. I haven't found them in my area, but we're working on it. If you have a store nearby that you would like to carry it, call alex (or max) and tell them and they'll send you a form that you can give to your store manager.


On Sep 7, 2002

I called the company a few months back and had a nice cinversation with a guy( I do not remember his name) These are safe, no nuts or peanuts in the plant... the fudge ones are great I asked if the company might sell them seperate and he said no...

On Sep 9, 2002

I got a call from alex at philly swirl and the company will have an answer next week,about if the company will make some ice cream. The company will do it if it is safe for pa/nut allergy... I just want to tell everyone to buy philly swirl even if the company can't make the ice cream... the sorbet is SAFE and more important how many companies are so nice??? Its just nice that someone is trying!!!!!

On Sep 13, 2002

I thought I would call and let Philly Swirl know that I am thrilled to hear they are working on an ice cream product and that I hope it will also be a nut free, safe ice cream.

I spoke with John and he explained that they will have more information available by the end of this year and that I can check back at the end of November. [img][/img]

I think this is a great company and they deserve some type of allergy awareness/nut free award!! [img][/img]

On Sep 28, 2002

Who with peanut and nut allergy has safely eaten the chocolate phillyswirl pops? My sons really want to try it. I understand that the likelihood of cross contamination is slim to none, but would appreciate some reassurance.

On Sep 28, 2002

I just bought a box of these to bring to school for my dd's safe pops, and wondered about pulling out the chocolate ones too! I honestly do not think she is that sensetive depending on their cocoa supplier(and given their efforts on being nut free), but chocolate always makes me nervous! becca

On Sep 29, 2002

My son has eaten the chocolate ones with no problems. It's not his favourite though, he isn't much of a chocolate flavoured lover.

My favourite is Candy Floss, oh yum yum

On Nov 23, 2002

smack - our costco just opened in town and they don't carry phillyswirl [img][/img] Do you know any other place that would carry it (and does the time of year matter?) Other than renting a few Barney video's for Syd, I wanted to get her something while she's recoperating from this bad bout of bronchitis. I'd be willing to drive to other costco's (Barrie, Markham) etc., if I thought they carried the product at this time of year. Any ideas where I can get it, if Costco doesn't carry it this time of year or in the Costco stores near us?

On Nov 23, 2002

We are lucky to be able to purchase Philly Swirl at most of the supermarkets in our area.

If you have not already contacted Philly Swirl, please call them and ask where you can find their products in stores near you, they are extremely helpful and have excellent customer service!

Good Luck and I hope your daughter is well soon! [img][/img]

On Nov 25, 2002

I am in Massachusetts and have been seeing Philly Swirl pops and icec(like Italian ice) in our local Stop and Shop. Pricey, though at $4.99 a box! I did purchase there for a stash at school. Propbably the same price for a 24 or 36 count at Costco, though! becca

On Nov 25, 2002

I live in Mass. and the philly swirls are 2.99 a box at Stop & shop and Shaw's also carries them, I am just waiting for the Safe ice cream to get up here ( it should be any day) from philly swirl!!!

On Feb 2, 2003

Raising for contact info. becca

On Feb 10, 2003

[img][/img] Can someone please tell me what the heck a Philly Swirl is? It does sound like some sort of sherbert, but then the descriptions go on further so that it sounds a lot more exciting than say a plain sherbet (? spelling - my mind has gone blank to-day, more than usual), so what the heck is one? And should I be checking the grocery store to see if they have any? And do I check the freezer section - the ice cream section specifically?

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Feb 10, 2003

Cindy, Philly Swirls are a cup of flavored ice, like an Italian Ice, and I personally do not like the consitency of flavors as well as I do the Luigi's Italian Ices here in the staes. But kids love them. They are swirled with two or more flavors, and onclude cotton candy type flavors( I prefer lemon and simple fruity flavors, which is why I do not think thses are as tasty). They do also make swirled pops(frozen), like popsicles. I get them because they are safe, and dd likes them. becca

On Feb 10, 2003

On their site at: [url=""][/url] it looks like they are only in the US. Has anyone seen if they're making ice cream yet? (My son's severely milk allergic so I hope they'll label well)

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On Feb 10, 2003

My kids, both PA, love them!! Yeah Philly Swirl!

On Feb 10, 2003

I'm still willing to drive grave distances to find this stuff - I can't seem to find it in Ontario (have spoken with Philly Swirl guys who did say to check various Costco's and that they do have problems getting it into stores in Canada) - every Costco I've gone to lately doesn't have it. Perhaps it's only a summer staple in Canada? If anyone can point me in the direction of a store that has Philly Swirl in stock at this time of year, in Ontario, I'd be eternally grateful. [img][/img]

On Feb 11, 2003

I talked to Philly Swirl about 2 weeks ago, they are still going to make the ice cream pops too. From what they said they are making them but testing them out in a small area to see how they do first before really getting them out there. This is what I got out of the conversation with them. I already have our dairy manager at the local Giant supermarket on the lookout for them!! [img][/img] kcmom

On Mar 27, 2003

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! DELICIOUS!!!!

I had a great big smile while standing in the freezer section of my Super G yesterday when I found their new products.

I purchased the Fruit Sorbet & Vanilla Cream Swirl Sticks, and also the "Naturals" which are Fat free and Dairy Free Sorbet cups.

My peanut and tree nut allergic sons tried each new product. They are picky eaters and loved these frozen treats!

I also spoke with Alex at Philly Swirl and shared my experience and how much I appreciate the work he does. I wish all companies were as allergy conscious as they are and friendly and helpful too. Philly Swirl deserves some type of award!!!

Keep up the good work and thanks for staying peanut and nut free!!! [img][/img] [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2003

My Kroger (USA) started carrying these about a month ago after I asked for them. Ask at your own grocery store if you cannot find them. They are terrific!

Jaime [img][/img]

On Mar 27, 2003

Would someone please tell me a little more about Phillyswirl and do they really have safe ice cream for my kids!!

On Mar 28, 2003


I have not been able to get Philly Swirl ice cream. What I have been able to get is like sorbet. They make little "sorbet chillers" and they also make popsicles that are available in my area (OH-USA). They are very fruity and delicious. Flavors range from Razzledazzle to Cotton Candy. It is usually a "swirl" of two or three different fruit flavors.


HTH, Jaime

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On Mar 28, 2003


Can you tell me were in Ohio you have gotten them? I live in Cincinnati area and looked at the Philly Swirl website but yet to find them at Costco, Walmart Superstore and I don't think we have the other named store on the website. Didn't know if you had found them someplace else. Our Costco told me they may have stopped selling them because none are on order! I was disappointed! Thanks, Sara

On Mar 28, 2003

I have recently had an opportunity to read all of the comments and I just wanted to thank everyone for choosing our products. I personally had a chance to speak with some of you and from the sound of your comments I feel that I need to get a little more involved. I completely understand that our product is not very readily available in most of the markets in U.S. and Canada but in the next few weeks Max and I will put every possible effort to get all five of our products in all the grocery stores. I really wish that the process was quicker & easier but then you never know. We have had hundreds of customers who have requested our product to be available at their respective stores which has proven to be extremely effective. Most of the head store managers of the grocery stores are very considerate of their customer's requests. I only know from the experience my wife and I have had with stores in our area like Publix and Winn Dixie!! I personally have a soft spot for allergies because my 11 month old son Zachary is very sensitive to dairy. My wife has had a very hard time with nursing him because of it. Ever since I have had a chance to speak with some you, we have since removed all peanut/tree nuts and dairy from our house for a long time. Max and I have been working together for approximately 11 years and we have never read, heard or experienced as much care and thoughtfulness as we have from all of you. Please understand that we're doing everything we can to get all of our five products out there. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!! If anyone has any questions/comments/suggestions about anything concerning our manufacturing process or distribution PLEASE!!!! feel free to call me directly on my cell, as some of you have, at 813.477.41.59 and I will do my best to respond ASAP. I'm aware that it's along distance call, but as soon as I answer I will then call you immediately back. If you happen to reach my voice mail, PLEASE!! leave me a detailed message. We are located in the eastern time zone, which means that my son goes to bed around 10:00 pm eastern standard time. My email address is [email][/email] or you can visit us at [url=""][/url] and see which products appeal to you!! PLEASE!!! Under no circumstances should you feel that you're disturbing me in any way. All I ask is please be a little patient with me returning your calls or your emails. Once again, Max and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and if there is any way that we can help, we at least would like to try. Max and I have been discussing our coupon situation and I think we have come up with a solution. If any of you would like to hear about it, please let me know. Please tell all of your kids that Max and I said "hello"!! Have a great weekend!!

Alex & Max-owners/co-founders DIRECT LINE-Alex's (cell) 813.477.41.59

On Mar 28, 2003

Thank you Alex for your post. It is nice to know you are so concerned and we appreciate knowing there is a SAFE treat out there for our little ones. I am sure the process to get products in stores is a rather long one and we will keep our eyes open for them in our local area. THANKS FOR YOUR WORK- IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!

On Mar 28, 2003

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post here!

I recently found the vanilla/sorbet bars at Costco, and they are fabulous. My son is just thrilled to have another ice cream product that is safe for him. I think you will find that we parents of children with allergies are a very brand-loyal bunch, and we are just so apprectiative of the interest you have shown.

Best of luck with your wonderful company!


On Mar 29, 2003

[quote]Originally posted by SaraO: [B]AJSMAMA

Can you tell me were in Ohio you have gotten them? I live in Cincinnati area and looked at the Philly Swirl website but yet to find them at Costco, Walmart Superstore

The popsicles are available at Kroger and the sorbet chillers and popsicles are available at WalMart SuperCenter in Powell and Lewis Center Ohio. (just 15 minutes north of downtown Columbus)

On Mar 30, 2003


I just wanted to post how much your post meant to me. It just goes to show that there are companies, no matter how large, still thinks of it's customer. I for one will be purchasing your product and suggesting your product over any other company when ever the opportunity arises! Like Amy posted (i believe, forgive me if it wasn't), I ALWAYS select a brand that has giben more attention to allergy awareness than a brand that doesn't try or try as hard, no matter if it cost more or not!

I so much appreciate not only your policies but you personal attention, you are few and far between.

With my upmost sincerity, Lana [img][/img]

On Mar 30, 2003

Syd's Mom,

I still have some left from last year in my freezer but need more. I will check Costco tomorrow to see if they have them still. I have to buy the sorbet pops since my nephew is now off dairy. Anyway, got a good laugh reading about your journey all over Ontario to find them so I will check for you tomorrow. Take care and hope everything will be ok healthwise for your family.

On Apr 4, 2003

I'm a happy mom!! Our local Costco carries some Philly Swirl products (the ones on a stick, not in a cup). I can tell we'll be buying lots of them for the kids this summer. [img][/img] [img][/img]

Edited to mention that I'm in WA state.

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On Apr 6, 2003

We found the cups at our Super Walmart in Pennsylvania. My three year-old dairy allergic (also avoids peanuts) son loves them. He calls them his "special stuff."

On Apr 6, 2003

How far is PA and WA from ON, and will this stuff all melt while I wait at the border?

I'm willing to be an Ontario Philly Swirl border "mule" running Philly Swirl over any US border that will take me.

I think I'll start my own Philly Swirl supply service out of my "chilly bin in the boot" (I think that's New Zealand for "cooler in the trunk"), so get your orders in before the summer rush.

Until then, I remain,

Philly Swirl-ess in Ontario....

On Apr 11, 2003

Asking your grocery store manager to order these really does work. I asked last week for him to order the vanilla cream and sorbet "stiks" and they called me today and said they will be in the freezer case within the next two weeks! My Kroger in Powell, OH, USA apparently is the only Central Ohio store that will caryy them.


On Apr 16, 2003

I know it's been said in previous posts, and I know that some people have had trouble finding Philly Swirls, but.....

I just got off the phone with Alex Plotkin, a co-owner. These are really great guys who realize the marketing potential of the PA community. They are not dismissing us as a mere 3% of the population. They are seeing us as 4 million people without a current source of safe treats.

If you can find this stuff - buy it by the truckload! It tastes great and comes from a peanut/nut-free facilty. WE'VE BEEN SCREAMING THAT WE WANT A PEANUT FREE FACILITY AND NOW WE HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to support this company if we want them to continue their dedication to the cause. Suggest it to friends - even those without PA. I plan on getting everyone hooked on it. Make sure you call or write the company when you buy Philly Swirls. Tell them what you like and what you don't. Make sure they know how much easier this makes the life of a PA kid.

The sorbets are great - fruity "light" swirls. My DD and I have been fighting over cotton candy. We also tried the phudge swirls. Vanilla and chocolate on a stick. VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE and I never once looked at her to see if her lips were swelling! I get tears just thinking about it.

I would love to see Philly Swirls expand their business. New products, new flavors. Safe treats for a little girl whose life has very few treats at all. Let's make sure they know how much they mean to us!


(Sorry, I accidentally started a 2nd thread with this same post. Meant to put it here.)

On Apr 16, 2003

We attended a birthday party this weekend. My son who is PA attended and another child w/ a milk allergy. I recommended phillyswirl to the Mom and she bought it for the party...I hope others will follow!!

On Apr 16, 2003

Hello EVERYONE!!!! It's me again, Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder of PHILLYSWIRL!!! Since my last posting I have spoken to more then 200 parents with children who have peanut/tree nut allergy. One of the parents actually sent me numerous articles which I used to educate myself with this allergy. I have since realized that the grocery stores, their corporate buyers as well as the general public is completely uneducated about this issue. We now have an opportunity to produce any flavor of ice cream with the exception of those that contains peanut/tree nuts. We are currently equipped to handle any demand that the grocery stores around the U.S. and Canada are willing to put on us. IF you could possibly educate the ice cream buyers around the country, the way you have educated myself and my company, then I foresee tremendous opportunity for more children and families to enjoy these peanut free products. Somehow we must make the buyers understand the not only the large numbers of people dealing with this allergy, but how loyal these type of customers can be to the store who takes the step to make a priority to have peanut free families in mind when he or she chooses their dessert category, this will make all the difference in the world. Our Zachary will turn 1 on April 24th at 6:24 am. Fortunately, his allergy is to dairy products and NOT the deadly peanut/tree nuts. BUT still when he comes in contact with dairy he has difficult time breathing through the coughing and sneezing. I completely understand what it's like NOT to be able to give him something that every other child around him can enjoy and that breaks our hearts. Once again, if anyone should have any questions/comments/suggestions, PLEASE call me on my cell phone (813.477.41.59) and since it's a long distance call, I promise that I will call you immediately back. Also, you can call our toll free number which is 1.877.379.47.57. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to reach me at my office, so please leave a detailed message and I promise that I will call you back ASAP!! Thank you so much for all your support. Take care. Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder DIRECT LINE-(cell)-813.477.41.59)

On Apr 16, 2003

They sell Philly Swirl frozen cups at our local "Market Basket". I can say that if Philly Swirl is going to be coming out with ice cream such as chocolate and vanilla, my entire family and my friends will be thrilled. They are always asking me what can we buy that is safe for Carson. I will make sure to inform everyone I know and tell them to pass the word.

What a great company!!!!!

On Apr 17, 2003

Just want to let Alex at Philly Swirl know that we go through 2 boxes of the cups and sticks each week. I bought them because my dd is allergic to peanuts, but being only 1, she only eats the top layer of the cup each time. I finish the cup and my husband helps himself to 2-3 cups each night. I can't imagine how much of it we will go through when the ice cream finally reaches us here in Illinois. At the risk of sounding ungrateful for what you do offer, my husband and I do have a request/suggestion. Can you package it in more of a bulk way, like traditional ice cream? I understand the sorbet wouldn't be dippable, but having the ice cream that way would be great. I also want you to know that it is not just the peanut allergic who buy it. My sister keeps a stash in her freezer for when we visit. It is one of the few things I will allow someone else to feed my dd without going through me first. Thanks for offering a great product that is also safe.

On Apr 17, 2003

For anyone who shops Roche Bros in MA, I just copied Alex's last message and sent it in a reply to a previous email I have had with Kevin O'Brien at their dairy dept. He has been very nice in handling my questions in the past and asked me to contact him if I found any peanut/nut free ice cream. I will keep you all posted if they get them! becca

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On Apr 17, 2003

What a guy!


"Philly Swirls" were put into our wholesalers wharehouse just last week. I have authorized it and should be on your store shelves within the next week or two. Thanks for an easy one this time! If I can be of anymore assistance with special product requests just let me know.


I will be forwarding your letter to the Philly Swirl broker so he can let the other supermarkets companies know that it is completely nut free.>>


On May 3, 2003

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have so many great things to say about Max and I and our products. If everyone out there continues to exert this much effort to educate and inform the grocery store managers and their corporate about the 4+ million people with the PEANUT/TREENUT allergy, Max and I can continue to do what we know best and that is to stay away from PEANUT/TREENUTS!!! Please believe me, I would really like to leave the PEANUTS for our competition to deal with!!!!! I know that I have mentioned this before, but PLEASE!!! call me at any "reasonable" eastern standard time and I would be happy to hear some comments and suggestions. My direct (cell phone) number is 813.477.41.59 and my TOLL-FREE office number is 1877.379.47.57. My email address is [email]ALEX@PHILLYSWIRL.COM[/email]. In the last few months I have spoken to approximately 300-400 parents who have children with the PEANUT/TREENUT allergy so therefore, if you do the math, I have approximately 3,999,600+ parents to speak with ASAP!!! Now my wife and I have to figure out what products contain soy and dairy and get rid of all of them or else our ZACHARY is NOT a happy camper!!! I look forward to hearing from all/some of you out there!!! Sincerely, Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder DIRECT LINE-(cell)-813.477.41.59 TOLL FREE LINE- 877.379.47.57 EMAIL- [email]ALEX@PHILLYSWIRL.COM[/email]

On Jun 2, 2003

Dear AJSMAMA, SF, kcmom, Syd's Mom, McMelon, Jana R, smack and etc., etc., etc.,!!!!!

Thank you so much to all of you and MANY, MANY others!!!! We're still doing everything we can to stay peanut/tree nut-free, but I will be honest with you, IT'S getting HARDER & HARDER!!! We're actually working on two brand new concepts, one of which includes an ice cream sandwich!! Once again, to anyone out there who has any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to call me at the numbers that I have listed below, OR CALL ME COLLECT!!! AT THIS TIME, We really need all the advice that we can get!!! I have listed both my direct cell phone number as well as our TOLL-FREE number. Please give my numbers out to any parent out there that can help us!! I have heard hundreds of moms continue to say to me that they did not want to bother me!!! YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING ME!!!! As I have stated numerous times, my wife and I have a 13 month old son Zachary who seems to be leaning more & more toward the same allergies that all of your loved ones possess. Think of this as a CRY FOR HELP!!!! HELP US STAY PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE!!!!! I always here at your service!!


Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder DIRECT LINE- CELL PHONE-813.477.41.59 TOLL FREE LINE-----------------877.379.47.57

On Jun 2, 2003

I finally found Philly Swirl! It's not the cup with the little wooden stick/spoon, but it's the Philly Swirl on a stick. I personally ate 6 during the drive home.

For those of you in south/central Ontario, a Costco that definitely is stocking this item now is the Markham Costco at Hwy 7 and Woodbine. I'll post other Costco locations during my travels that I see stocking Philly Swirl.

I drove home with my six carton's threatening to melt, but got them into the home freezer just at the mushy stage and they quickly froze again.

Yahoo - love this stuff. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

Please, please Stay Peanut/Treenut free (and if you can milk free for our milk allergic friends who love this product).

I see visions of buying a bigger and bigger freezer to stock pile Philly Swirl all summer long so that when we're hybernating up here during our long winters, we'll have enough to carry us over until late spring again!

Warm regards, Syd's Mom

On Jun 2, 2003

We love the new products - especially the Phudge-Sundae ones! It seems to be a hit in the Winn-Dixie by us because they are always running out.

Please continue what you're doing, we appreciate it.

On Jun 2, 2003

I haven't seen them yet. I've been looking for them. I live in Chicago and they're not at the Jewel chain. Boo hoo. Jewel has so many varieties of ice cream treats, some of them are knock-offs of each other, like 8 different brands of everything, but no Philly Swirls. What color is the package? What should I be looking for?

On Jun 3, 2003

Hey fellow Canadian members,

As I have said before Costco does carry the philly swirls but not all year around.

I was at the London, Ontario Costco yesterday and they have them back!

Glad to here you finally got them Syd's Mom!

On Jun 3, 2003

Hi smack! Does your Costco in London carry the Philly Swirls on a Stick or in a Cup or both. It's not beyond me to go grave distances finding these items. The Markham Costco carries the "on a stick" version.

I wouldn't mind scouting out locations that have the "in a cup" version.

Warm regards, Syd's Mom [img][/img]

On Jun 3, 2003

Now, if those ice cream sandwiches could be *soy*-free and peanut-free, I'd be in heaven. [img][/img]


On Jun 3, 2003

Syd's Mom,

Just having my afternoon work-out and thought I would logg on to see what's happening.

The Costco in London have the same one's as Last Year which were the philly swirls on a stick. Haven't seen the cups and actually I haven't ever seen the philly swirls anywhere else but Costco. Enjoy, I know we stocked up last year which was a good thing since the Costco stop selling them in the Winter(wonder why? [img][/img] )

Guess they have to make room for comfort food in the winter [img][/img]

On Jun 3, 2003

Hello Everyone!!

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for all the support. I will be in the office all day Wednesday(6-4-03), so if there I are any questions that I can personally answer, I will be happy to do so. Have a great night!!

Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder-PHILLYSWIRL DIRECT LINE-(CELL)-813.477.41.59 TOLL FREE--------------877.379.47.57

On Jun 9, 2003

Just wanted to share this email I received from Alex Plotkin (co-founder of Philly Swirl) in response to an email I sent him. What an unbelievably wonderful guy! If every owner/company out there was like him, we wouldn't have to all freak out everytime our kids try a new food product! I say we all tell everyone we know about Philly Swirl. Not only do their products taste great, but they are also very food allergy aware! We couldn't ask for more in a company.

"NOW, it my turn to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! I apologize for taking so long to respond, especially to an email as amazing as this. Unfortunately the weekend always set me back a few days. Once again, I'm not really sure how to say this in any other way, but THANK YOU!!! so much for everything. Your appreciation and support mean so much to us especially at this time. I'm so glad that your son is able to enjoy our products. In an "ideal" world, one would think that other companies would consider coming out with other NUT-FREE products. Unfortunately that has NOT been the case. Instead, our billion dollar competitors have started SIGNIFICANTLY & UNCHARACTERISTICALLY dropping their prices in order to lure our potential customers AWAY from purchasing our products. Instead of making SIMILAR products which are NUT-FREE and are ultimately safer for the 3-5 million of our population, possibly including my 13 month old, our competitors have chosen to force us "OUT". Our ICE/ICE CREAM novelty industry is dominated by a couple of billion dollar corporations (names of which I will not mention). What does this all mean? It means that they have millions of dollars to throw around whenever they feel like "FORCING" a small competitor like us "OUT". WHY DRIVE US OUT instead of competing with us? Besides, wouldn't you think that competition ultimately contributes to a better product. It seems to Max and I that our competitors find it LESS expensive to eliminate us, then to put their heads together and go head to head with a company that could probably fit into one of their cafeterias. After reading your comments I realized that you became familiar with us through PA.COM and I will tell you that so many AMAZING people have continuously talked about us daily on [url=""][/url] under the MANUFACTURERS(FOOD) SAFE & UNSAFE. Max and I have come a very long way in the last 11+ years and we credit our accomplishments to our customers/supporters. Regardless of what happens, I wish you were able to feel 1/2 of the appreciation we feel towards everyone that have come to our aid. It has been a small miracle that our products have made it this far in the grocery stores. The word of mouth is how we SURVIVE and are able to compete with these billion dollar giants who, to say the least, are not very happy with our "little family"!! Therefore, we MUST take care of those people who take care of us. One more time, THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Max and I owe a tremendous amount our success to people like you!! Now, I'm finally going to stop wasting your time. Please let me know if I can ever be of help in answering any questions. Your feedback is worth EVERYTHING!!! Also, please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions in the future. I have asked everyone in our offices to allow me to be the only one who will speak to our supporters/customers, regardless of the issues and circumstances, therefore PLEASE!!!! do not hesitate to call!! OR!! I would be happy to personally call you. I am providing my DIRECT & TOLL-FREE telephone numbers below for your use at your convenience and I look forward to speaking with you. Have a great night!!!

Sincerely, Alex Plotkin-owner/co-founder DIRECT LINE-(cell)-813.477.41.59 TOLL FREE LINE---877.379.47.57"

On Jun 9, 2003

Double post.

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On Jun 13, 2003

Like many others on this board I have e-mailed/talked with Alex and Max on numerous occasions. They are very serious about taking suggestions on products to keep them competitive (and peanut-free).


On Oct 8, 2003

Did anyone else get an email from the owner talking about new nut free ice cream products coming out in the next few weeks? I hope they do well enough to stay on the market. My son is excited about it!

On Oct 8, 2003

Yes, I did. And He mentioned adding ice cream sandwiches and bars(I think he said 3 new products). Unfortunately, my stores only tend to carry a few items and usually the sorbet pops and cups and the fruit and cream variety pop. I cannot find the Phudge ones and I would love to. becca

On Oct 8, 2003

Hi Becca, we bought the phudge ones at stop and shop in franklin. oh, they are as good as they sound, esp. the banana/phudge combo. Needs to stay extra cold, though, "normal" freezer temp is not quite cold enough, they fall of the stick halfway through. Hope you can find them,

------------------ Neil's Mom

On Oct 8, 2003

I can't find the Phudge ones either. Going to request to the manager that he carry it for me and my family. Heard they are delicious and now I can hardly wait for my boys to have them. The manager usually gets what the customers request..... Stay Safe

On Oct 8, 2003

I think my Stop and Shop is too old and small. They have a small freezer for ice creams and such and often do not have a particular advertised brand, and only a few varieties of the Philly Swirls.

There is one in Bedford I can try, but not in the summer. Too far with pops! But I can shop ther ein the winter and actually go to find safe candy(gumdrops and such) at Christmas. It is a big store. becca

On Oct 8, 2003

The phudge ones are definitely fabulous, I look forward to the new products, more safe ice cream, what could be better?

On Oct 23, 2003

Just thought I would pass this idea on: I am donating PhillySwirl for my sons Halloween class party!

We are limiting class food during parties and do not allow any baked goods.

What could be better than a delicious safe nut free treat for the whole class than Philly Swirl!!! [img][/img] [img][/img]

I know the kids will love them and it sure beats having all of that candy around.

I love it when my son feels special that the whole class has the same treat as he does, this way he does not have to be singled out.

Thanks PhillySwirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Jul 6, 2004

We just bought the PhillySwirl Italian Ice and they are great. Very sweet but good. I purchased them at our Meijer (Michigan) store. I was HAPPY to support this company.

On Apr 20, 2005

I just found sugar free philly swirl at Sams club. I am as always on a diet of some kind and now I can eat the same popscicles as the kids. They only have 10 calories. There was a note from alex and max to spead the word about this product. It says its just a trial period at Sams club. I think we should try to support any company that has a peanut free "warning" on the box.

On Apr 20, 2005

I finally found philly swirls at Meijers, I bought like 6 boxes of them. all my kids (3) LOVE them, my dh likes them as well. I also had a friend try them and she went out and bought some, and her children are non pa or ta her whole family loves them.

Philly swirl rocks!!!

------------------ Ethans mommy

On Apr 20, 2005

Off to Miami this weekend from Minneapolis and will eat my yearly face-full of Philly Swirl.

On Apr 20, 2005

I moved away from Cincinnati. I miss a lot of things but within the top three....Meijer...I love that store.

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On Jul 11, 2005

[i]testing[/i]. [img][/img]

On Jul 11, 2005

test complete. LOL.

On Jul 11, 2005

is this thread linked to [i]another[/i] thread? [img][/img] everytime I raise it, there pops the other one! LOLOLOLOL.

[i]conspiracy theory[/i]...........

On Jul 11, 2005

Is there a moonpie flavoured philly swirl yet?


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