Pharmacist Gave False Expiration Date On Epipens

Posted on: Mon, 04/10/2000 - 5:12am
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The other day I read a post pertaining to the expiration date of epipens. (Unfortuantely I can't locate it now in order to respond.) The discussion made me aware that epipens can be purchased with an expiration date up to two years. Realizing I purchased epipens with an expiration date of less than a year, I went back to see exactly how many months they were good for. I had just checked them the other day and knew that one had another month before expiring and the other had about four more months. This time, instead of just looking at the date my pharmicist wrote on the box, I looked at the epipen itself to check its color. It was then I saw another date written on the epipens, that I had not noticed before. To my surprise, my son's epipens had already expired. They hadn't even lasted five months. I can't believe the pharmicist wrote a false expiration date on the label. When I called the pharmacist to explain the situation, she agreed to exchange the old epipens for new ones. The new ones will not expire until November 2001. I'm angry that I had outdated epipens. What if I had to use one on my son and it didn't work! The pharmacist said that the computer automatically puts one year down for epipens. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Posted on: Mon, 04/10/2000 - 5:25am
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pI have never looked on the label for the exp. date. I always check the date on the box. The ones I got this week expire 10/01. I asked that they be ordered instead of excepting the ones they had on hand (exp. 3/00). If their computer does automatically put one year, I would think that could be a real problem for other types of medications also. I would have trusted that label also if I had seen it written on there./p


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