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I have a ferret, peek-a-poo 5 year old dog, and roughly 20 dwarf hamsters...OK dilemma is this. My son who has been around dogs, cats, hamsters, and ferrets ALL his 8 years is now is states custody is taking an allergy pill (to what allergy is unknown) they (the state) is telling me to GET RID of all animals I have disabilities my boyfriend has disabilities and YES even my son has disabilities. Why does disabled people have to give in to such people with more authority, and" pull" than they need.? Any help on where to go and what to do in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paula

By GinaT on Nov 2, 2012

There are ways to test if your son is allergic to animals. If he is, then it is important to get rid of your animals. You can give them to friends so that you can still see them! If he is not allergic, then hopefully this will work out for you and you can keep all your pets and your son.

By cathlina on Nov 4, 2012

This is not about you or the state. It is about your son. Allergies can develop at anytime. I grew up around two dogs. And at age 28, I tested allergic to dogs. Your son should be tested as a matter of his health!

By jiffycansuckit on Feb 26, 2013

Is this actually a question? Your son is in states custody and you still have your animals? Get rid of them. Problem solved. Was that difficult?

I know this is old, but seriously.