Personalized Labels for allergies and many other uses...


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I just thought I would post about [url=""][/url]

Their allergy labels are: measure 69mm x 26mm (2-3/4" x "1) and come in packs of 20. Each name order is printed in white text on red labels. When your child has a peanut allergy or another serious allergy, then you know how worrisome it is when they leave your sight! Stick these Allergy Labels to all their food containers and travel gear to help remind other caretakers. The name can be whatever you would like to a maximum of 20 characters. You can list up to six allergies. Information is printed exactly as you type it. Note: Our labels are produced in a nut-free facilty for your safety. Shipping is free in Canada and mininal to the United States and UK.

We recently did a fundraiser for my sons' elementary school and it was VERY successful (raising thousands of dollars). I have used their products (including the allergy labels) for many years and highly recommend them.