persistant cough??

Posted on: Fri, 12/03/1999 - 11:18am
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My son Jack is just two years old has been haveing trouble with a persistant cough. We are an allergic family. I have alleriges, not PA, but my son Hunter 4, is PA. Jack has been having trouble since October. The first time I thought he had a cold as we were all a bit sick, but his just comes and goes and when his ears were looked at they looked red, but not infected. I'm just wondering if he could be reacting to poor air quality, dust etc. Is coughing esp. at night an allergic reaction?? thanks!

Posted on: Fri, 12/03/1999 - 1:05pm
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Coughing at night is one of the symptoms of asthma. I am asthmatic as are all 4 of my children. I know that when my asthma is not being controlled by the medicine I have(for some reason or another) I wake up coughing during the night and cough alot more during the day. The same applies to my kids. I hope this helps.

Posted on: Sat, 12/04/1999 - 6:08am
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I just want to say that my son also started coughing Oct (98) and we changed asthma med's several times but it was't until Feb. he was seen by specialist at John Hopkins Hospital and we used flovent and seravent for awhile and the cough finally stopped. He continues preventive on a regular basis- he uses a peek flow every day and I will start additional preventive asthma med whenever the peek flow numbers start to drop. I use the asthma medicince whenever he wheezes (it is very seldom,Thankfully- last time was when he was away from home and there was a dog there).
My son is 9 and is PA plus 6 other foods including tree nuts. He also has very severe eczema.
I remember how fearful it was during the nights he coughed so much I never felt like he was going to feel better. Hang in there and be aggressive with getting proper med's and flow up. Preventive treatment is the best way to go with asthma if that's what your son has. When my son was really young(9 months) he was on liquid med which got himalittlewiredomenights.
I hope this helps.

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/1999 - 11:51pm
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Hi, my son Evan, who is 2 1/2 and has been pa since around a year, also wakes up during the night with coughing fits. He has had a few episodes of wheezing (one severe enough for a trip to the er) and I just took him to the doctor last month to check for asthma. The pediatrician said it was too soon to tell if he had asthma and since they had never actually seen him during one of his wheezing episodes they couldn't correctly diagnose it as asthma. I never even thought to tell them of the coughing fits since they seem to come and go. But now since I've read these responses, I will be calling my pediatrician back asap. Thanks. Deanna

Posted on: Thu, 12/09/1999 - 1:22am
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Hi, My son also is pn allergic, He also coughed alot at night when he was 2(he is now 6). The Dr. recomended covering his matress and pillow(I got them at target)and a air purifier. These three things made a huge difference. Within days He was sleeping through the night and so where his parents. What a blessing.
Good luck and God Bless Lori

Posted on: Thu, 12/09/1999 - 4:41am
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My son has been a severe asthmatic since he was four months old (I have had severe asthma all of my life).Doctors here are reluctant to diagnose a child as asthmatic when he is under 2 years old - however the criteria used at the children's hospital is a child is considered asthmatic if he has had three episodes of troubled breathing (ie. wheezing or coughing requiring trips to the ER) or admissions to hospital for breathing difficulties (my son has been admitted 4 times so far and gone to ER 4 other times - he just turned three)
For your information, there also is a test that can be done to verify that a person has asthma. Symptoms are slowling induced with a medication (I forget it's name) until the person's breathing falls below 80% of normal capacity(so there is minimal risk). I have also taken my daughter to ER just for coughing which has been treated as asthma (there are two typicals manifestations of asthma - one is wheezing, one is coughing). Many doctors don't pick up on the coughing asthma.
Take care

Posted on: Thu, 12/09/1999 - 10:50pm
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The coughing at night is definitely due to some allergen (but I doubt peanut). My son Evan (almost 5) has been going through spells of coughing at night and naptime since he was about 3 years old. Sometimes he coughs so much he will vomit. He has yet to be diagnosed with asthma as he doesn't really wheeze. But if he gets a cold or if he is bothered by his environmental allergens (dust mites, mold, pollens, dog dander, etc) the coughing will start. There is a form of asthma called "cough variant asthma" in which the ONLY symptoms are nighttime coughing. I suggest you have your child tested for environmental allergens at this point and, if positive, do what you can to reduce them in his atmosphere. I, too, have purchased a room sized air cleaner and have covered the mattresses and pillow with allergen barriers. As soon as the carpet wears out, it will be replaced with hardwood floors in his room. If you let the environmental allergens get out of hand they can cause a severe case of asthma later on (or so my allergist says).

Posted on: Fri, 12/10/1999 - 12:07am
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Fortunately my PA daughter (3 1/2) doesn't cough at night and hasn't shown any signs of asthma....
But I wanted to share that my neice experienced violent coughing at night starting at age 2. My brother's experience supports what DebO is very difficult to get children diagnosed with asthma here. My brother made many night trips to the ER, just to be sent home. He was so tired and discouraged after months of this that he finally taped my niece during one of her coughing episodes. He took the tape and his daughter to the ER and played it for them. It was convincing enough that it got him a referral to a specialist at the children's hospital and finally medication to first control and then prevent the coughing at night.
She was on a program of ventolin followed by flovent (and also flonase I believe) for several months. Now they monitor her closely and at the first signs they administer the ventolin and flovent. She is a changed child.
Take care...

Posted on: Fri, 12/10/1999 - 10:38am
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I think I'll add my two cents here as we just figured that our daughter would just have "that cough" for the rest of her life. We had a ped who would not diagnose the cough, did not believe in allergies until three and kept perscribing codine for our 1-3 year old. Needless to say the codine never did work and when asked for something stronger just perscribed a different codine medication. As he put it "the next step is the big guns and we don't want to do that". I never did get a good reason...I changed ped. and had the dr. almost accuse me of neglecting my daughter. That October, we started seeing the dr. at least once a week and it took till mid Dec and a bout of pnemonia to diagnose her with "Reactive airway disorder" RAD for short. Our allergist said that it is basically asthma that is seasonal--mostly cold weather affected. He also told us that it is VERY common in PA children and was just waiting to see the symptoms himself.
As my daughter has "only been getting worse" allergist's quote her doctors and her dad and I have all swithched to calling it asthma. She is on a variety of meds and just started Singulair to hopefully keep her off the steroids that she has been on twice in the past two months...Unfortunately I hear that cough again ...Oh well guess we have to keep trying.

Posted on: Sat, 12/18/1999 - 8:05am
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We have had experience with the night coughing, too. My son has asthma, and it started with the night coughing. It has progressed since, and we try our best to keep it under control. One thing I recognize is that his medication needs can change, especially with the seasons or when he is sick. The best thing is to find a doctor you're comfortable with.
I heard that sometimes doctors don't want to use the asthma label right away because this will become a part of your medical record. Insurance companies can view this as an existing condition for medical insurance, and cause for certain classifications when applying for life insurance. I wouldn't be concerned with a doctor's hesitation to use the word asthma, as long as the doctor is using proper treatment.
Good luck.

Posted on: Tue, 02/15/2000 - 11:55pm
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Hi, I know this is an older post but wanted to add my two cents anyway. My oldest daughter, now 10, has been dealing with a persistant cough since she was 2 years old. Although we have never seen an allergist, she has been prescribed several different asthma medications over the last several years. The ones that worked best for her were Flovent and Ventolin. Her symptoms seem to coincide with the cold weather as she has never been troubled with the caugh during the Summer months. I believe as does her ped. that her biggest allergy is to mold as she has the worst problems when it gets cold enough to shut up the house but not cold enough for the ground to freeze. Fortunately for us, this winter has been symptom free, so far anyway. Knowing what I know now with regard to allergies, I would insist on a referral to an Allergist if she were to develop symptoms again! Oh, one more thing, we beleive that she has an allergy to the Xmas trees we brought into the house every year as she had huge problems with coughing as soon as the tree went up! This year, rather that buying a tree from a local lot, on our ped.'s advice, we went to a tree farm and cut one ourselves. The reason for this is the trees on the lots have been sitting around for quite some time and have had a chance to grow all kinds of mold. This proved to be true as she had NO problems over the Christmas season this year!
Take care



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