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Posted on: Tue, 09/19/2000 - 2:20pm
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I just got back from vacation. On the way home, we stopped at the Perkins Restaurant in Ritzville, Washington. Not exactly my first choice to begin with. From the moment I walked in the door, I had a bad feeling about the place. They had a big display case full of pies and cookies. And yes, many of those baked goods were loaded with peanuts and other nuts.

Well, we stayed anyway. We ordered the cheese pizza for my DD (16 months old) but she refused to eat it after one bite. She ate some of the roast beef from my sandwich. And we fed her snacks from our cooler once we got back to the car. Never again. Don't even go there. It is totally peanut-oriented.


Posted on: Fri, 10/06/2000 - 4:37am
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FWIW we eat at one in Madison, WI all the time. We only eat breakfast, and DS only has waffles. Obviously the baked goods are loaded with nuts of all kinds, but we don't order those. For lunch, I can't imagine eating there...we would choose a different kind of place for lunch.

Posted on: Fri, 07/13/2001 - 8:57am
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Just wanted to say that we just ate at a Perkins in Edina, Minnesota while on vacation and were very pleased with the care and precautions they took with our situation.
Our PA son had the mac and cheese - loved it - and had absolutely no problems. I felt quite comfortable that it was very safe.
That said, we wouldn't have ordered dessert - because they seem to use a lot of peanuts/nuts in the desserts, but that was all kept in a separate section of the restaurant.

Posted on: Fri, 07/13/2001 - 11:39am
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We've eaten at the local Perkin's in Freehold, NJ fairly often. It is near Grandma's and we like to get her out of the house [img][/img] Rebecca has quite a few things that have been safe to eat on the menu. The wait staff has been very helpful, even checking out the chocolate chips used on the waffles, as I will only let her eat Hershey's.
However, desserts are a no-no, but who needs desserts when you can eat a chocolate chip waffle with ice-cream and whipped cream on it for dinner!

Posted on: Fri, 07/13/2001 - 12:23pm
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The bakery goods at Perkins are made in the same kitchen as the rest of the food. My daughters work there and I checked with them.
So, I sent an e-mail to Perkins and this is the reply I received.
Please note that they do not use designated utensils to make the bakery goods. Therefore, there is the contamination issue with kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, silverware.
I do not eat at Perkins anymore.
Dear Ms. Wildman:
Thank you for your interest in Perkins Restaurant & Bakery and your
recent inquiry concerning persons with peanut/nut allergies. For over 40
years, the flexibility and wide variety of Perkins' menu has allowed our
guests to select food suited to changing lifestyles, taste preferences and
dietary needs. Suggestions and preferences from our customers assist us as
Perkins' menu continually evolves and product offerings are constantly under
Yes, you are correct that we serve peanut butter pie, and peanut butter
cookies. Other items containing nuts currently on our menu include white
chocolate macadamia nut cookies, pecan pie, cranberry nut muffins, banana
nut muffins, brownies, sticky buns, ice cream sundaes with nut toppings
(nuts optional), and occasional promotional desserts. Entrees, sandwiches
and salads on the core menu do NOT contain nuts. Additionally, oil specified
for cooking use at Perkins is either soybean or cottonseed.
Food service equipment in our kitchens is multi-purpose and it would be
virtually impossible to ensure that all bakery items containing nuts were
prepared in a separate oven using designated utensils. On the positive side,
those foods prepared using the grills, or the fryers, would have LESS CHANCE
of contamination since bakery products are not prepared using this
We understand and sympathize with the special dietary restrictions
necessitated by your peanut/nut allergies. However, for accuracy, safety,
and to ensure correct results, every individual that is allergic to specific
foods must retain ultimate personal responsibility for their well being by
relying solely on information provided by their physician.
We are always happy to hear from our guests. Thank you for your inquiry and
feel free to contact us in the future should you have additional questions.
The Restaurant Company

Posted on: Mon, 02/21/2005 - 5:01am
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I just had a horrible experience at Perkins. Although I didn't have my PA daughter with me, I would never recommend going to this restaurant if you have any food allergies. Here is the email I sent them recently which explains what happened.
My husband and I dined in your Whitehall, Pennsylvania restaurant last night (2/19/2005) and although your service staff was quite helpful and pleasant, I am quite concerned over your kitchen practices.
I ordered a breakfast egg selection that included two eggs and three buttermilk pancakes. The pancakes were covered with black grizzle and there was a whole shrimp on the plate. The pancakes had a spicy cajun flavor which prompted me to bring it to the attention of my server. She did professionally handle the issue and brought a new plate out within 5-10 minutes.
My concern not only relates to the unappetizing combination of the mixed foods, but to the incredible risk your restaurant is imposing on those with food allergies (which is a growing condition among children as well as adults). I happen to have a 2 year old child and father with severe food allergies and accidentally ingesting an allergen can very quickly end the life of a trusting patron. Shellfish is one of the top 8 allergens and most people who die from ingesting an allergen die in a restaurant.
It is critical your company reviews your practices of mixing items containing shellfish, nuts, peanuts, etc. with those foods that are considered free of those ingredients.
I hope you will take this information seriously and develop more strict kitchen procedures that will help protect your patrons.
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Posted on: Wed, 05/11/2005 - 5:13am
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I e-mailed Perkins recently to ask what things I should avoid ordering for my PA DD. I told them that I was mostly interested in the children's menu and that we wouldn't feed her anything from the bakery. Here's the response I got:
"Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding peanut allergy-free items available on Perkins menu. As you are aware, we serve a few items that contain peanuts. Additionally, our food preparation equipment is multi-purpose, meaning that all foods are prepared using the same ovens, fryers, grills, etc. Therefore, it would be virtually impossible to isolate items containing peanuts to only specific pieces of this equipment throughout 500 restaurants. While there are foods on our menu that are peanut-free, secondary to the possibility of cross-contamination from common equipment and/or other peanut containing foods, we cannot currently assure you that any item served in our restaurants would be completely peanut allergy-free."
I didn't ask for a guarantee, but I did describe the kinds of ingredients and cross-contamination we'd be looking out for. Apparently they don't want to take any chance of being sued. But I sure would like to eat breakfast at Perkins when we go on vacation! This was not a helpful response. I e-mailed Red Lobster about this kind of question, and although they couldn't give me a response about their whole menu, they investigated the items I wanted to order for my daughter. I was pleased with that.

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