Pepperidge Farm Herbed stuffing?


I was just wondering if anyone has ever had reactions to this stuffing. There were no allergy notes on the bag. I made a chicken & stuffing bake that was on the back of the bag, & the soup had no allergy notes either.

We ate peas as a side dish. After dinner I was really itchy, & I started getting hives/rashes all over my face. No swelling. At the time I thought it was from nestle choc. chips, but a few days later I thought that it might have been the peas or the stuffing mix.

I had to take benadryl. I was better the next day.

Thanks for any info.

On Jan 4, 2007

If you are PA, then you are at an increased risk for being allergic to peas, also a legume. I also know Nestle is NOT a safe choc. chip. I would look at both of those before I would worry about PF.

On Jan 5, 2007

thanks. have you had any reactions with nestle chips in an unmarked package?