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I've never been too sure about this company. Their labels give no information. They did start making cashew choc-chip cookies a while back, and that squicked me and my daughter big time, so we started avoiding their products.

What do you folks know about Pepperidge Farm? Do you still go for the goldfish crackers?

My DD is TNA, not PA, so that'll probably make a difference when I make a decision about whether to start buying their products.

On Jan 5, 2006

I use Pepperidge Farm products a lot because I really trust them.

I know they make a ton of products containing nuts, and this used to make me very nervous (my son is PA and TNA). But I've called them several times, and each rep I've spoken to has told me that for those products without warnings on the label, they use separate facilities -- not just separate production lines -- for nut versions of those products.

I haven't called for a couple of years, so it's possible this has changed, but at least back when I called, that's what I was told. We use their cookies, crackers and breads almost daily, and have never had any problems with them. (YMMV, of course, given different people's sensitivities to different allergens).

Actually, the last time I called there, the guy I spoke with offered me a free FAAN membership. :-)


On Jan 5, 2006

we use them often. it was todays snack at my sons nut free preschool today. peppridge farm told me that they add the peanut butter to the large fish at a different place. they label for cross contact. my son is PA but has low numbers to tree nuts and sesame seeds. ive called them often.

On Jan 5, 2006

If the label reads safe for us (No PN/ TN/ or Soy, I buy it. There are only a few items we can buy, but I trust their labeling.

On Jan 5, 2006

We use these products all the time. My son is PA and EA. However, he was eating Texas Toast the other night and he got little red marks around his mouth. They did go away about 10 min later, but he has very sensitive skin. He eats the goldfish daily without problem.

On Jan 5, 2006

i wanted to branch out into texas toast and their doughs but im worried. do you think the redness was from salt? my son gets that too from certain foods. today after his lunchables he had some tiny red spots under chin.

On Jan 6, 2006

Hi tidina What other allergies does your child have? When I called pepperidge farms they said they would label for allergins. Has anyone had a reaction from pepperidge farms? My son has very sensative skin! He has a little eczema on his cheeks (a few bumps on each cheek). My husband and I now call them mystery bumps. He got little red bumps on his chin from salsa! I don't think there is anything bad in lunchables except for the little candy bar unless it is nerds. Nancy

On Jan 10, 2006

I called them a few days ago...they are apparently owned by Campbell's or by whoever owns Campbells. They assured me that if nuts were not noted in the ingredients then the item was made in a nutfree environment.

We have safely eaten the frozen garlic breads. In the past they sometimes labeled for sesame cross contamination and sometimes they didn't. I got the impression that they are treating sesame like the other allergens and noting it unless it is made in a sesame free environment.

I would appreciate if someone would call and try to confirm that they are also labeling for sesame in the same manner as for nuts.


PS- I gave my son Milano milk chocolate cookies for the first time. He loved them.

On Jan 11, 2006

Thanks so much for your responses. Sounds like it is a good company.

On Jan 11, 2006

hi again. i think kids get redness or bumps from salt, vinegar, ketchup, salsa, tomatoey acidic foods. we avoid peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. we eat the fish crackers and the milano cookies. my son woke up with a red bump yesterday and today another red spot. they are almost like pimples. im washing his bedding again. maybe his friend jumped on it with residue on his clothes??? could be anything. i cant remember if peppridge farm labels for sesame. i guess im due to call again. kraft and general mills do.

On Jan 11, 2006

My son has regularly eaten Pepperidge Farms goldfish, Milanos, Brussels, and choc chip cookies for years. We also use their hamburger buns, hot dog buns, and dinner rolls.

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On Jan 30, 2006

does anyone eat the soft cookies they make? my friend had oatmeal raisin ones that looked sooo good, but she didn't have the package with her so I couldn't check labels. I've seen a bunch of nut varieties of the soft cookies, so I'm skeptical.

On Jan 31, 2006

ive been wanting a stash of cookies by them too. they look good. some seem to be nut safe. i was going to get some other day but didnt.

On Jan 31, 2006

We use crackers, breads and bagels from this company with no problems. I avoid the cookies due to egg content. I have also had great and prompt response from them whenever I have called and was also offered a membership to FAAN. I consider them "one of the good guys".

On Mar 3, 2006

I really want to trust Pepperidge Farm - especially for the baked goods, since we have so few options. I've always had a good response when I've called, but seeing all those nutted cookies on the shelves - same size, same shape, etc - makes separate lines seem too good to be true.

My big question at this time is - why are they not using the new labeling rules? I still don't see any allergens in bold face or contains statements or any advisory labels (with the exception of the pirouettes and the big goldfish crackers, which always have had the warnings). Perhaps we're still seeing their old packaging, but I just wondered if any of you have seen their cookie products (like Milano, etc.) with the new labeling. Thanks!

On Mar 3, 2006

i thought the new law says that allergens have to be in plain english. if it were spices derived from nuts it would have to say spices (from peanut), etc. isnt that correct or am i wrong. you have to read the whole list of ingredients. i read a pack of cookies and didnt realize they had nuts in them but they did.

On Mar 3, 2006

You're right about the "plain English" aspect of the new law . . . however, it seems that many companies have taken the next step in trying to make it easier for us to find the "plain English" by bolding or using a separate allergen statement, but I guess they are not required to.

I just got off the phone with a PF rep who essentially said that to me . . . they do not have plans to change their labeling to make it easier for us. AND the more disturbing info from this rep was that they cannot guarantee separate equipment is being used for nutted products. She gave me a big speil about their extensive cleaning practices and testing for residues, but clearly stated that they do not always use separate lines. This is different than previous responses I've had. I just wish that they would let US decide if shared lines with "good cleaning" is safe enough and provide that info to the consumer to make an informed decision. This is exactly the same kind of non-commital response that Kraft has given repeatedly and I don't trust them because of that. Again, I sure would like to feel better about the PF products, but I just don't know at this point.

On Mar 3, 2006

yes i knew they used shared lines, like kraft. we use kraft and peppridge farms. i think there is limited snacks, especially in the US that are made in nut free facilities or nut free lines. some of enjoy life cookies are made in nut free facility but then while im at the healthfood store getting them i realize that all the other options there are vegetarian items which always have peanut butter version. you cant win. with us and the shared lines, so far so good. some companies dont even do a good cleaning. i was under the impression that PF told me they would eventually have a nut free facility?? i know the PB is added to the big fish crackers in a different location.

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On Mar 3, 2006

I'm almost positive that I read on here, not long ago, that Goldfish were made in one plant, and the PB added to the big goldfish in another.

On Mar 13, 2006

I have always been unsure about P.Farms because they don't label for allergens. I have let my son have goldfish and Milano Cookies and had no problems. I thought that allergens HAD to be listed clearly with the new labeling laws? I was just at the store yesterday and looked on their packaging for cookies and the allergens are not at the bottom or bold like most are these days.

On Mar 13, 2006

they dont have to be. they just have to be in the ingredients which they are. they say if they think theres been cross contamination they will list in ingredients. the new law states that if someone had flavorings or spices derived from peanut then that would have to be next to the word flavoring. thats all. you have to read ingredients. as far as breads go they said its hard to control sesame seeds but they do label for it and my son has eaten their bread in the past. all wonder breads now have soy flour in them.

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On Mar 13, 2006

When I called about 2 years ago I was told that the they make so mauch of the cheddar goldfiah cracker(the regular ones) that they run on their own line, nothing else is on that line ever. The rep told me the pretzel goldfish is not good for pa and it is labeled as such

On Mar 14, 2006

the pretzel goldfish are safe, no warning. the grahm cracker goldfish are the ones with the warning.

On Mar 14, 2006

The last time I looked at a package of pretzel goldfish it had a warning on it. next time I go food shopping I will look again.

On Mar 14, 2006

My son has been eating the pretzel goldfish too. I wonder if it is a regional thing or if they aren't ok, just aren't labeled.

On Mar 14, 2006

Ok Just got off the phone with Gwen from PF she said that pretzel goldfish are safe. If their products are run on the same like it will say may contain, even though they clean the lines. if the product is not labeled then they were not run on a shared line with allergen. The pb filled goldfish the cracker part is made with reg goldfish then taken to a "clean room" where they add the filling, she mentioned something about clean uniforms etc nothing comes out of this room.

so while i was on the phone with her I was flipping through my pa book where I write stuff down from companies and she said she knew who I had spoke to 2 years ago and the preztel goldfish may have have an allergy statement back then. They changed their processes since then.

Milano cookies are safe too goingt o go get me some

So i have been avoiding pretzel goldfish since then, I have not read a package since then, I am 99.9% sure that back then ones i picked up did have an allergy statement.

I would love to be able to get these now

so this is totally different response to the one Yonit got a few days ago. She kept telling me how serious they take allergies etc. I was offered a membership to fann also.

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On Mar 14, 2006

I bought my kids some of the chocolate ones in the individual packets a few weeks ago. There was no warning. I don't think my PA/TNA dd ate any though-only the other two.

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On Mar 14, 2006

my son doesnt care for the pretzel goldfish. he loves milano cookie though but we dont buy them much anymore because im trying to avoid egg as much as possible.