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People have the power

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People have the power, you might be surprised and caught off guard and left stranded. Did you Know Amtrak's policy on minors ?

Children 13, 14 and 15 years old may travel unaccompanied in accordance with the Amtrak Unaccompanied Minor Policy, which includes the following conditions:

The unaccompanied child may not have any life-threatening food allergies.

This appears to be blatant discrimination and a violation of the disabilities act.If a 13 year old can travel on there own so should a child with a disability. Why is food allergy the only disability listed, how about epilepsy or diabetes ? A peanut allergy child can be very responsible and would travel with an Epi pen, the dangers are there for adults to and who is Amtrak to ban travel based on a disability.

Sometimes conditions get added with very little thought by unknowledgeable people in high places.

I contacted Amtrak's office of civil rights independent overseers 1-202-4936010 and they consulted with their lawyers who feel this is a violation and "a minor traveling with an allergy does not cause undue burden or hardship to Amtrak" The are asking Amtrak if this was intentional or an oversight and there lawyers are asking Amtrak to remove this.

You do have rights and the power to make change no matter how big the giant

Air canada was ordered to comply with a buffer zone this year and they used the argument that it would "cause undue burden or hardship to air Canada" and the judge shot this down.