ped. food allergist in Nassau County, NY?


any recommendations for pediatric food/peanut allergist in Nassau County, NY? the school said it would allow my DD to have epi pen with her at all times if the doctor recommends it. My DD was diagnosed with class 6 PA but her current doctor is comfortable with the epi pen locked in the nurse's office. i would feel more comfortable if epi pen was more accessible to her. thank you !

On Jul 28, 2006

While I don't use him myself, Dr. Peter LoGalbo at Schneider Children's hospital is supposed to be excellent. Also Dr. Steven Weiss, who I believe is in Syosset.


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On Nov 14, 2006

Dr. Sicklick, Marc J. in Cedarhurst. He's wonderful with kids. My son at 2 years old used to cry because he couldn't wait to get into his office. I thank God that we have him because I know that my son gets the message from the way he communicates with him. This doctor takes PA seriously.