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I haven't yet introduced myself - I have a daughter (Jenae) who is 1 years old (4/24/99). She was tested for allergies at 8 months - she's allergic to peanuts, milk, soy, eggs, and also has environmental allergies.

About a month ago we fed her ham and peas for dinner. She immediately wanted the food out of her mouth, her mouth began to swell and she began to have a hard time breathing (wheezing). We immediately administered the epi-pen and called 911. I assumed she was allergic to something in the ham (nitrates?).

Tonight I fed her peas (no ham) and her lip puffed up almost immediately and she developed a few hives. No breathing problems (thank-you God)!

I read in one our Allergy books (The Allergy Self-help Cookbook by Marjorie Hunt-Jones) that peas are in the same family of foods (legumes) as peanuts. The Legume family is made up of (according to Marjorie Hunt-Jones) alfalfa, bean (kidney, lentil, lima, mung, navy, pinto, soy, string), carob, guar gum, gum acacia, kudzo, licorice, pea (black-eyed, chick-pea, green), peanut.

I thought it was interesting that she had a moderate reaction to a food in the same family as peanuts... Has anyone else made this connection??

She eats green beans just fine (aren't those string beans?).

Thanks for any input... I appreciate it! Teresa


On May 4, 2000

All I know is what our allerg. dr. told us: there is a 50% cross reactivity between peanuts and other legumes. He recently retested my p.a. child, for this reason, with legumes and she was not allergic to them. Unfortunately,I would say it is safe to say your child is most likely in that 50% group. I would get her tested a.s.a.p. for other legumes.

On May 5, 2000

Yes! Peas are in the legume family, same as peanuts, and yes all three of my kids as well as myself are allergic to peas...of course my boys more so.

------------------ I am a mom of two anaphalactic allergy PA boys and my daughter and myself also have allergies. You may e-mail me at: [email][/email]

On May 5, 2000

My PA child also cannot have peas. He did not have trouble breathing, but after ingesting peas had immediate diarrhea. We have stayed away from most of the legumes for now. Good Luck

On May 6, 2000

"Peanut is a legume along with peas, beans, soy, lentils, alfalfa. The very allergic individual may also react to one or more of the other legumes, mostly to peas." I found this quote at the following web site. [url=""][/url]

On May 8, 2000

So far, my PA son hasn't had a problem with peas, but as a baby, he wouldn't eat green beans, just as he wouldn't eat peanut butter. I'm playing it safe by keeping him away from the green beans. The more I learn, the more I find that you just have to go with your gut feelings.

On May 9, 2000

hi...I recently found out about this site...I have severe peanut allergies...years ago, pesto put me in the hospital on my senior prom night! Since then....not only do some vegetables (peas on occasion, chick peas others), but mainly fruit has been my problem. Because there is a difference between tree nuts and ground nuts, some people react only to one. I get both (lucky me). So....any fruits that have "pits" peaches, plums, etc...are generally ones to stear clear of. Be careful, and thanks for all of your stories and info...I'm finding a lot of support here. thx

On May 11, 2000

Yes peas are a legume as you have been told. My daughter tested positive for them at the same time she tested positive for soy. I believe the three are the most closely linked. We are staying away from all legumes until we get her tested for the rest. good luck.

On May 11, 2000

It is common that an individual who is allergic to peanuts to be allergic to peas as well. I have a friend who is allergic to peas and mildly allergic to peanuts.

On May 11, 2000

My 4yr old who pa, eats peas, chick peas, etc. every week without problem luckily. I had heard that it is not common for pa to also be allergic to peas, but it seems that many are, from what i'm reading here.