Peanuttees Tees- Tees to help warn others about peanut allergies.


Hi everyone,

My name is Dianne. I wanted to let you all know about Peanuttees. My line of peanut/other food allergy tee shirts.

At Peanuttees, our goal is to offer fun tee shirts that kids will love to wear! Our tee shirts help to warn others about your child’s food allergies and the potential dangers of offering food to an allergic child without a parent’s knowledge or permission.

Peanuttees was born out of love by myself and another Mom friend. We were looking for a fun low cost way to help protect our sons as they start school.

A portion of all of our proceeds will be donated to Angel Service Dogs, a nonprofit organization designed to support the acquisition, training, and placement of health service dogs for sufferers of life-threatening allergies.

I hope you will visit Peanuttees at

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By jenniferbfab on Aug 19, 2009

Hi Dianne,

Thanks for sharing this info and congratulations on starting Peanuttees!

Jennifer B

By Bobbi on Aug 20, 2009

Hi Dianne, I love the name of your product! cute!

I think this is a great idea on one hand then on the other, (not that I'm trying to shoot your idea down in any way, shape or form, just a thought I had pop into my head very briefly) I wonder if wearing the shirt might possibly be like putting a bullseye on our kids for all the bullies to see. I truly think that side of me is just being overly paranoid.

Like I said, don't let me take the wind out of your sails, PLEASE. I was just rambling. I honestly wish you great success!

By diannek on Aug 20, 2009

Thank to everyone for all the well wishes. I hope Peanuttees is successful also simply because I will then be able to help others, due to the fact that I will be donating a portion of my proceeds to Angel Service Dogs (the non-profit org that provides peanut sniffing dogs.