Peanuts on airline

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Although this was 10 1/2 yrs. ago, I still remember this story fondly [img][/img]

My husband & I were on a business trip to Madison, WI from Pittsburgh. I don't remember which airline, but when we checked in, I asked the person at the counter if they would be serving peanuts on the flight. Being a short flight, we knew it would be a "snack" and not a meal. Being PA myself, I have actually had a reaction to airborn peanuts in flight (fortunately mild). Anyway, the girl said that they probably would serve peanuts, as they always do. I replied that I would, I guess, spend my vacation (OK, I exagerated a bit) in the hospital, but that was OK, I was used to it(I've been PA since I was 18 mos old, before the days of 504 and accomodations). I said it nicely. When we were in flight, we got bags of pretzels, along with everyone else!

She must have picked up the phone as soon as we left the counter and told whoever not to serve peanuts!

Bless this airline and this very considerate employee!