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Peanuts and Soy

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From reading other postings I am wondering about a link between peanut allergies and soy allergies. My son is allergic to both, among other things. His allergist hasnt' mentioned a connection between the two. Does anyone know if their is a connection?

On Feb 8, 2000

They're both legumes, members of the pea and bean families. Basically, the shape of the proteins that your son is allergic to in peanut is so similar to the shape of the protein in soy, that he'll have a reaction to either.

I happen to not tolerate ALL peas and beans. Still haven't found one yet that i don't react to. Very annoying.


On Feb 8, 2000

Hi SheliaG When aour daughter had further testing done, we found out that she is also allergic to all treenuts, and to peas. The test with soy was inconclusive. With that we did the next best thing and bought food with soy lechten and protein ect.. to see how much see can tolerate. She is definatly soy sensitve. so she can only have a little occasionaly. Chocolate for example is a treat. Fortunatly she doesn't really care for it. Studies have shown as with the one reply that if there is an allergy to a legume then the likely hood of others are there also .All being protien related .

On Feb 8, 2000

When my son was tested he reacted to both soy and peanut. Peanut was huge, soy was very small. We avoided soy for about 6 months and reintroduced it. He can eat soy products and soybean oil now (4 1/2 years later) with no problem. But, he cannot eat peas, he gets hives. We really aren't big bean eaters so I'm not really sure about the other lugumes, but I was told by my allergist to be very careful with them!

On Feb 8, 2000

Hello SheilaG My 4 year old son is pa.He was allergic to soy . He has outgrown his soy allergy after 2 years .He is also allergic to peas and greenbeans.Hopefully yours might outgrow soy too.


On Feb 8, 2000

Knock on wood, my 2 year old son is not allergic to peas or soy, but to peanuts. It's amazing how often I see soy on labels. I thank God he can have soy, as he is allergic to dairy products, eggs, and wheat.

On Feb 8, 2000

Thank you all for the information. My son hasn't been tested for an allergy to peas but I think further testing may be in order. He loves to eat green peas - they are one of the three vegetables he will eat. Maybe a pea allergy will explain some of his eczema issues. He seems to be able to tolerate soy in small doses. He doesn't care for any form of bean so I haven't experienced a problem on that front yet. Any suggestions on non pea or bean vegetables that toddlers will eat?

On Feb 8, 2000

My daughter also allergic to peanut, soybean, peas, can tolerate small amounts of green beans but gets hives on her bottom if she eats too many. I wonder if I should be feeding them to her at all but she seems to like them and I hate to eliminate any "green" vegtable that she'll actually eat. The only other green she'll eat is broccoli. We easily avoid all other beans/legumes.

On Feb 8, 2000

Your daughter is probably reacting to the 'seed' in the green beans. It contains the most of the allergenic protein that she might be reacting to. Try her out on the beans with the seed removed.

I've eaten runner beans 'husks' with the seed removed and had minimal reaction. And snow peas, immature enough to not have developed seed, don't give me any reaction either. Everything else will give me problems - I know immediately when I've consumed any legume seed.

On Feb 14, 2000

I don't allow my pa son to eat anything in the legume family with the exception of soy (NOT soy protien though). When we first found out about the peanut allergy, no one at the hospital mentioned he might be allergic to other legumes. I did some research on my own and one night while eating lentil soup for dinner he broke out in hives. I panicked and quickly read all ingrediants in the dinner looking for peanuts before the legume connection dawned on me. He was fine after benadryl (whew!)... but now we know!