PeanutAllergy.Com Newsletter! Your input please

Posted on: Mon, 01/06/2003 - 8:42am
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Joined: 04/25/2001 - 09:00

Let us know what you would like to see in the newsletter.

You can post, email, fax, send regular mail or call in your suggestions.

If you would like to help put the newsletter together (write articles, research information, etc.) let me know. You can also send anything you want to be considered.

PeanutAllergy.Com contact information can be found on our home page by clicking on "Our Contact Info", here is a link to that page also. [url=""][/url]

Stay Safe,


Posted on: Wed, 05/21/2003 - 1:29pm
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Joined: 04/25/2001 - 09:00

Your thoughts on what the differences are in the summer when dealing with the allergy?

Posted on: Fri, 05/23/2003 - 10:25am
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Joined: 05/06/2003 - 09:00

hi chris,
any new sites, links or businesses would be great, any new recalls or ingredient warnings... also, local support groups for each state?

Posted on: Fri, 05/23/2003 - 10:52am
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Joined: 10/27/2001 - 09:00

Hi Chris,
An event calendar would be helpful. Ie. seminars, workshops on allergies, asthma, etc.

Posted on: Sat, 05/24/2003 - 10:39am
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I would like information/updates on any new web sites that contain food for allergic individuals.
Information/Updates on support groups and benefits for the indiviuals. I can't find one around here but am going to set one up.
All and any information on recent research and alternative treatments.
I know I can find most of this on the boards because I really scan everything but these are just some ideas.

Posted on: Sat, 05/24/2003 - 2:03pm
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Quote:Originally posted by Chris PeanutAllergy Com:
[b]Let us know what you would like to see in the newsletter.
A "School Nurse Corner". Possibly contacting school nurses and sharing comments or concerns.
A "Homeschooling Corner". Possibly contacting parents of PA children who are homeschooled and comments/concerns about particular curriculum, scheduling, state/country/province specific items, etc.
Not sure what "resources" you have, but a "Legal Corner" would be interesting. (504, ADA, Civil Rights issues) related items. Many professional journals I read contain similiar sections.
Not sure anyone else would be interested in these "corners". Just making some *personal* inner fantasy public. Maybe its just me.

Posted on: Sun, 05/25/2003 - 1:06am
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Who gets the newsletter?

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2003 - 1:41am
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Joined: 05/29/2003 - 09:00

Currently anyone who is on our main email list gets one free copy of the newsletter.
Members will receive every copy.
So if you would like your free copy, and are not on the PeanutAllergy.Com email list (you would be receiving the alerts and recalls if you are) just go to the [url="http://www.PeanutAllergy.Com"]www.PeanutAllergy.Com[/url] home page and click on the "Join now" or "free info" link and follow along to the contact information type forms. Fill out your information and you will be added to the newsletter email list.
The contact information is for our use only.
Here is a link to the long form/contact form

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2003 - 1:48am
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To the peanut allergy community,
We are putting together the next issue of our newsletter. We are looking for human-interest stories, as a new addition.
Do you have a summer story you would like to share? Your story may be published in the next newsletter!
Thanks in advance!
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Fri, 06/02/2006 - 2:02am
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is this in existence?

Posted on: Fri, 06/02/2006 - 7:20am
Chris PeanutAllergy Com's picture
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Currently we are not putting out a newsletter.
We are working with a magazine currently and are waiting to see the outcome before making further decisions on if we will need to have our own newsletter as well.
We send out important news immediately to our email list when we feel there is news that should not be held until it would have come out in print.


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