peanut shells/casings strewn all over!!

Posted on: Sun, 07/01/2001 - 3:31pm
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I am in Maryland this weekend and on the way up here, we stopped at an EXXON gas station in Dinwiddie Virginia , exit 60 when going north on 85 north. It is across from the CITGO when you make a right off the exit ramp onto route 73. The exit is near the mile 54 marker when travelling north on 85 north from North Carolina through Virginia. Well.....I was shocked to see the peanut casings/peanut shells from raw peanuts ALL OVER the cement at the entrance to the little store attached to the gas station and peanut shells all over where you put gas in the car!!! I told the manager/owner about it (did not have any literature with me this time, although I usually carry stuff to pass out to everyone I meet). He said "Where?". I told him very nicely and explained why that bothered me etc. He said "there is nothing I can do about it, etc". I am going to post this on and I think EXXON needs to know about this. It will not go unnoticed. I think the phone number may be 804-469-7610 which was a number on one of their trucks (which was part of the automotive section connected to the gas station). Give them a friendly buzz, confirm that it the correct store, and ask them if they have cleaned up the peanut shell casings. He didn't look like he cared one bit and wasn't going to do a thing about it.


Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2001 - 2:02pm
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I'm not trying to disrespect you, but I just wanted to give you my opinion. First of all I would have been shocked to see all of the peanut shells too. I wouldn't have expected to see them at a gas station. But I would have simply gotten back in the car and drove to another gas station. We cant ban peanuts from the world. If you felt as if you needed to inform the mananger, I would have called the station or maybe a central office or something and explain why you had to buy gas from the competitor and offer to send literature. However, I wouldnt have bothered.
We have a local resturant in our town that has buckets of peanuts sitting all over the place and it's fine to throw them on the floor. It's their gimick and I could never ask them to stop giving peanuts. We simply never go there.
Again, I'm not trying to make you mad...I completely understand where you are coming from, ( I pray everyday that my son will not have a reaction!) just wanted to tell you how I feel.

Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2001 - 2:52pm
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Thanks for sharing your opinion. It is always interesting to see how each of us approach this situation and the world we live in. My son is not peanut allergic but is tree nut allergic. I get disgusted to see such disorder and carelessness and disregard for others. I will not go there again but I do like to make myself heard and bring to others attention why and what and where etc. I know he won't change but I wanted to bring to his attention something he had no idea about so that he would think for 5 more minutes than he ever would have how dangerous his sloppy gas station is for others.
Until there is a cure, education is has been said before, silence is deadly.
Keep on sluggin' ---- just trying in every way, whether big or small, to make this a better place for food allergic people.


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