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Peanut Service Dogs

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Hi everybody, My name is Arielle, and I am an 18 year old college student with a severe peanut allergy. In the past 3 and a half months, I have gone into anaphylaxis 4 times, despite my best efforts to avoid peanuts. I am trying to fundraise to get myself a service dog, which would literally be life saving for me. My story is below. Please consider donating- every little bit helps! Thanks, Arielle gofund.me/ariellepeanutpuppy

A few years ago, I was baking a peanut butter cake for my dog, Luxi. When mixing the cake with my hands, I noticed that my hands and upper arms broke out into an itchy rash. Throughout my life, I have had a few exposures to peanuts, without a problem.

As I have gotten older, I have developed what is now a severe peanut allergy. Since January 2015, I have gone into anaphylaxis 4 times, requiring 4 ER trips, and 1 hospitalization. Now, immediately when I ingest peanuts, I get tingling in my mouth and lips, and go into anaphylactic shock, a terrifying experience in which my throat closes.

Despite careful avoidance of peanuts, I have still continued to have reactions. Because I am in school, peanuts end up getting into my food from the dining hall. Having a peanut detecting service dog would allow me to eat food from the dining hall and on campus worry free, and hopefully save me from further episodes of anaphylaxis. It would give me the freedom back in eating that I have not had since I have began school.

A peanut detecting service dog would serve a few functions. Primarily, a peanut detecting service dog would be able to smell my food before I ate it, to ensure that there truly are no traces of peanuts or peanut dust in my food (which has been my primary issue thus far). In addition, the peanut dog would be able to prevent a skin reaction, by checking a chair or an area where I am about to enter to enusre that there are no peanuts that could come into contact with my skin (for example, an airplane seat). Additionally, the peanut dog would allow me to eat with my friends at restaurants, as well as possibly allow me to study abroad, which wouldn't be safe with a language barrier otherwise. Lastly, the dog could help me get my epipen or my phone if I was unable to do so. Noelle's Dogs Four Hope would connect me to a service dog trained specifically for me. Noelle's Dogs Four Hope Page: http://www.noellesdogsfourhope.com/allergen-search-and-scent