Peanut safe or Peanut Free


I just wanted to know what some other parents have worked out for the school to do to keep their child safe. Is your child's school peanut safe? If it is peanut safe do they allow it in the lunchroom? Does your child have a peanut free table? Is it allowed in their classroom? IF your child's school is peanut free, what does that mean? Is it allowed from home? Does the school allow products containing traces of peanuts or tree nuts or if it is processed on the same machinery as peanuts or tree nuts? Also whatever your child's school situation is, do you as a parent worry about how this effects your child socially? Do you worry about how he is treated by his peers and their parents?

On Dec 11, 2007

Hi There...

My son is inthe 1st grade. He is in a peanut free school. This means there are no peanuts/tree nuts served in the cafe. Children are not allowed to bring any peanuts or peanut products to school for lunch/snack. As far as the" May Contains" they are not supposed to have those either... However, I know that there are some kids that bring it anyway... I don't worry too much about that... Because my son knows not to eat anything unless it is checked. My sons teacher does check all the snacks ect. As far are baked good from home they cannot have any nuts.. and I make sure the nurse has a couple od " safe cupcakes" in her freezer for my son to have when other kids bring in treats for the class because it is not worth the risk of him have food someone elses kitchen.

So far we have managed it very well. I must say his teachers so far have been great and the school nurse is on board as well.


On Dec 14, 2007

Our school is Peanut Nut Safe or Aware , they ask that no peanuts or nuts be send nor foods that contain, they teach kids not to share foods, kids bring their own lunches,teach about anaphylaxis and the seriousness of food allergies, with my ecouragement, they can not any longer say peanut free in my district, it is a claim they can not possibly make considering there are possibly 400 different families sending in food, they remove children from the class if they have unsafe foods and they have to eat it in the office, funny I think , the ones making the mistake are sent to the office.