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Peanut safe guinea pig food?

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We are "babysitting" a guinea pig for now to see if we can get one. My pa son has 0 cat allergies and 2 for dogs. We have a dog who gives him no trouble. Does anyone know of any brands of food for guinea pigs that are peanut free. The person who gave us the guinea pig gave me food and I knew it would have peanuts in it. Thanks.

On Aug 25, 2005

My son has had a quinea pig for a few years now. There are several brands that are just kibble. Just read the ingred label and you will be in great shape. Don't buy anything mixed or any of the treat sticks, all have peanuts. They are cute to have and live longer than a hamster. Tami

On Aug 25, 2005

Thanks, I am really a pet person but never owned a guinea pig or hamster so I didnt know much about the food. We are headed to walmart now.

On Aug 25, 2005

They also LOVE fresh stuff, especially romaine lettuce. Important, do not give them regular iceburg lettuce. We would keep the plain pellets in the cage at all times and give fresh treats once or twice daily.

Whenever I would open the drawer in the fridge (where the romaine is kept), my pig would start whistling.

Sadly, the pig had to go after the allergy testing (when my son was allergic to cats as well). Since then has outgrown cat allergy (probably guineau pig also). But, we are out of that stage!

Good luck, Bridget

On Aug 25, 2005

We actually had a difficult time finding peanut-free guinea pig food. I called numerous manufacturers (many thought I was a crazy woman asking about cross-contamination for "rodent" food) [img][/img]

Anyway, we finally found "Oxbow". The customer service reps are WONDERFUL. We have to order it on-line (and pay more for shipping and handling than the food itself!), but we order large bags, divide it up and freeze it. Check their website, maybe a store close to you sells it.

Our "Stanley" loves fresh goodies (parsley, carrots, apples) but from what I have read, it is important that they have some type of pellet as well as fresh treats.

On Aug 25, 2005

Thank you all so much. I found small world guinea pig food. Pellets with no peanuts for Rufus. We are naming him after the naked mole rat from kim possible. Why. Funny story and everyone on needs a funny story. He got to be all sticky on his behind and it kept looking worse so I gave him a bath. The friend who gave him to me today said he loves baths. I kept rubbing the sticky spot and hair just kept coming out. By the time I had him clean, he was cleaner than I expected. He has a hairless baboon behind. I called the previous owner and she called around and found out it happens when they are under stress. He is in a new envrionment with a very "attentive" five year old boy. Anyway, he is now Rufus the naked buttted guinea pig, with a peanut free environment.

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