Peanut Safe Guideline for Restuarants

Posted on: Wed, 03/28/2001 - 10:50am
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pThere is a pizza place near my house that also includes some Mediterranean foods like baklava. This was a recent change in the menu. UGH! But the owner is a very nice guy and very receptive and concerned about the allergy issue. He is the type of person who would probably be receptive to a packet of info about allergies and how to minimize the risk to visitors. There probably are other restaurant owners that likewise are willing to take a lot of precautions short of changing their menu. It might be worth developing a guideline for safe food handling and storage to minimize cross contamination. I will try to put something together and post it for comments and input./p

Posted on: Wed, 06/20/2001 - 11:32pm
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Just wondering if you have put any type of guideline together yet. I would be interested in it and it sounds like a great tool for restaurants to use. Thanks

Posted on: Thu, 06/21/2001 - 7:48am
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Hi there, I'm Kate from the UK and I am writing a magazine article about nut allergy and food outlets including restaurants, primarily in UK but, would welcome any feedback from members who've had experiences at food outlets internationally, are the restaurants etc sympathetic, willing to listen, dismissive etc?
I am a mom as well as a freelance writer and have three kids all with nut allergy, amongst other ailments!
I'd love to hear from you, perhaps we can draw up some guidelines?
Best wishes, Kate.
Kate Nedwell
Freelance Writer
Researching Nut Allergy Friendly Food Outlets in UK.

Posted on: Wed, 08/29/2001 - 8:02am
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Just bringing this topic up again, as I think it is important that we consider putting some type of restaurant guideline together in order to educate restaurants. Kstreeter:have you put something together that we might share ideas on? Maybe a pamphlet explaining PA and cross-contamination along with some facts about the allergy stats. What do you think?

Posted on: Sat, 03/16/2002 - 11:18pm
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The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network has a whole program of printed material and a video directed at restaurants. I've viewed the tape - excellent.

Posted on: Sat, 03/23/2002 - 4:55am
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I have had some fast food places be considerate. And then I have walked out of some. Bonanza was terrible! Very rude. McDonalds have been nice and helpful.
How do you approach the restraunts?

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