Peanut residue in Microwave?

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Hi all, I am going away this weekend and will be using a do I ensure that it is you think just washing it with lysol wipes or soap and water will be ok to then heat my food in?


On Jun 18, 2008

I read something by Gina C about using toaster bags. I think they can be microwaved. I am sorry I cannot seem to find that info right now. I'll keep looking. Maybe an old Allergy Moms newsletter? Does anyone know about these?


On Jun 18, 2008

Found it! Gina had recommended "Toast-It Reusable Toaster Bags: From I.M.C.G." They are for sale on and other online stores. I do not know if they are available in regular supermarkets. Maybe kitchen stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Linens n' Things?

Otherwise, I'd say use soap and water, maybe a little white vinegar if you want. And wax paper or those plastic plate covers for microwaves to enclose your food.