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are u more likely to have a more severe reaction from eating say a tablespoon of peanut butter or from just licking it. Basically what im asking is if once the reaction occurs its gonna get as bad as it is gonna be automatically or can it be aggrivated more..

On Jun 10, 2001

Hi Matthew,

The quantity of peanuts consumes has no bearing on the type or severity of a reaction afterwards. I suppose it is safe to say that eating a jar of peanut butter is far worse than accidently licking it, but from all that I have heard here and from my allergist, that is not necessarily the case. I know I read here once that a child ate pre-packaged pb and crackers and never had a reaction. Apparantly it was so loaded with added fats and preservates, it altered the state of the peanut butter. Another poster's child went into anaphylactic shock from touching a pb treat to his lips and never ingested so much as a lick.

I know you didn't ask this, but I'd also like to say that there is no way of knowing what the next reaction will look like. It may be more severe or there may be no reaction at all. I have a friend who is allergic to peanuts, yet she says she eats them whenever she goes to a bar. According to her, her face and chest becomes flush and her neck becomes swollen. I feel pretty confident that this girl is headed straight to the emergency room if she doesn't avoid the peanuts completely.


On Jun 10, 2001

Matthew, in my experience with my son, each of his reactions (3) have been worse, and yet less peanut product was involved each time.

His first reaction he ate a piece of peanut in a chocolate bar. His second reaction, he ate pb on toast (this was his first anaphylactic reaction). And, as L&Mjoe noted above, it was my son who had his second anaphylactic reaction and almost died by merely touching a pb rice krispie square to his lips.

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