Peanut Plants In My Yard (m)


I am wondering if you have any info on the peanut plant....the leaves and touching them.

Tonight I removed a peanut plant from my yard where I let my girls play, someone in my neighborhood must feed the squirrels peanuts and of course they bury them at will *big sigh* so now I am in a panic....tonight on our walk I saw one in a yard down the street and feel a bit of a "where there are two, there will be more".....

Thanks for any info you have to offer.

Linda mom to Megan35 mon and Melanie 18mon (peanut allergy)

On Jun 17, 2001

Bumping this message up to today's active. Does anyone have an answer?

On Jun 17, 2001

I thought about this a while.. wasn't sure I was the best person with an answer, but nobody else seems to think they know either.... [img][/img] Here's my opinion (for whatever its worth). Since the "peanuts" are effectively the plants' "seeds", the plants themselves are likely to not pose too much of a risk (I think) unless the plants themselves have a lot of the offending proteins in them. Don't the peanuts grow underground, too? (Same reason why a walnut tree isn't inherently hazardous to my DH)

I also think that unless you live in a very hospitable environment for these tender plants, they are not very likely to ever produce peanuts before summer heat/drought or early frosts kill them off. When all else fails, then its time for a little "better living through chemistry" [img][/img] Do what we do with all of the poison oak around our house and neighborhood. Carry a tiny plant sprayer with you (unobtrusively, of course!)and fill it with Roundup. Then just whip it out and spray away whenever you see something that "offends" you. [img][/img]

Check with your nearest college or university to see if a botanist thinks this first info is correct, however. Call the biology dept. with your questions.