peanut oil vs soy oil

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board and am on vacation needing a quick answer to a question. I'm allergic to peas, beans, and nuts - I get hives and eczema. I'm at a family reunion and the restaurant of choice tonight is Chinese. I've called to see if they use peanut oil. They say they use soy oil. I've only encountered vegetable oil before in Chinese foods and don't know if soy will cause me problems. I know I can't eat tofu or other forms of soy, but I know next to nothing about soy in general, except that it is a type of bean? Anybody got any advice or experience to help me decide if I should go to dinner with everyone?



On Jul 29, 2001

You don't say how allergic you are, but Chinese food is always off limits to my son who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, soy and other legumes. Generally he can tolerate soybean oil (due to processing removing the protein), but it is the rest of the Chinese kitchen that you have to be careful about. Take care.

On Jul 29, 2001

Head Cook,

Thanks for your speedy reply. You've given me the info I needed. I get pretty itchy, hives, and eczema when I eat beans, peas, and nuts, but nothing life threatening. I think I can risk it at the restaurant tonight. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I won't be itching through the rest of my vacation!