peanut oil in tortilla chips


We were recently at a party where they served tortilla chips w/salsa. I looked at the ingredients for the chips and saw peanut oil. So my message is, watch out for tortilla chips!

On Aug 24, 1999

What brand of chips were they?

On Aug 24, 1999

My son's daycare center uses tortilla chips with peanut oil. I don't know what brand they are--some off brand I have never heard of that come from a food supplier. For any of you who live on the east coast and have Giant Food grocery stores, their store brand of tortilla chips are cooked in peanut oil. Christine

On Aug 25, 1999

I know what you're talking about. We totally avoid "store name brand" foods since during our research we found that they almost always have products with peanut oil in them. We almost gave my daughter Albertson's Potato Chips when she was in preschool. Sure enough, we checked the label and they were made with peanut oil. We now ask Mexican restaurants about their tortilla chips, too.

------------------ Fran