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Peanut Oil in Fryer at Chick Fil A

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Hi - My son as a Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy - I have one DR that says that Peanut oil is fine in fryer - one that says don't risk it - what do you think? Would you give your child that has a tree nut or peanut allergy a chicken tender fried in peanut oil? Thank you

By Sarah McKenzie on Oct 8, 2013

I personally would listen to the Dr. that says don't risk it. My sons allergist says do not let our son have peanut oil. I feel as though it's not worth the risk and my son can eat chicken somewhere else that is safe!!!!!!!

By Sarah McKenzie on Oct 8, 2013

I personally would listen to the Dr. that says don't risk it. My sons allergist says do not let our son have peanut oil. I feel as though it's not worth the risk and my son can eat chicken somewhere else that is safe!!!!!!!

By Sherrylk on Oct 8, 2013

My sons allergist also says don't risk it. He explained it like this. If peanut oil is heated high enough it changes the structure of the peanut protein so the body no longer recognizes it as a peanut. That sounds great, but it only takes 1 fryer to malfunction to heat the oil to 1 degree below the critical temperature that will cause a life-threatening reaction.

By LGriffin1 on Oct 8, 2013

I didn't react to it the first few times and someone told me the way they press the oil is supposed to remove proteins. While didn't have a full on reaction the last time I ate it, 10 years ago, I did have a reaction nonetheless. So I no longer eat there.

By shumakerm on Oct 9, 2013

We don't eat there. It isn't worth the risk.

By wordphy on Oct 9, 2013

The reason for my post was because my sons preschool said they were going to use Chick Fil A nuggets at the Thanksgiving lunch in our peanut free school. I did not understand why they would do this when their were other options. One of the teachers there said her Dr said it was okay - so then the principal said basically they were following her lead. So I think I have persuaded the school not to use the nuggets but only after major emails and some discerning emails regarding the peanut oil and its potential life threatening data.

Thank you all for your comments - I would never ever take my son there because if there is one ounce of doubt its not worth the risk.

By wordphy on Oct 9, 2013

Thank you ! I so agree! I think since sending this to my sons preschool they may be re-thinking the chick fil a option for our thanksgiving dinner. I pray! I will not even bring him to school if the entire school is eating them because then everything - toys, door handles gets potentially contaminated. Some may call me an overly cautions mom!!! .. I am okay with that label! Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

By MattMRM on Oct 9, 2013

My wife and I recently learned some very valuable information with regards to peanut oil. As it was told to us by our doctor, peanut oil like many other cooking oils can have different potencies. As you may know the more expensive the olive oil you purchase the more closer to actually tasting like olives it becomes. The same is the case for peanut oil. Likely, the oil that Chick-Fil-A uses is cheaper oil and less potent. Though it may not be strong enough to cause a reaction you never know when they might change to a better oil, which may have more peanut allergen in it. We have chosen to avoid peanut oil at all cost for our son and we will not make exceptions. We are not willing to chance something that can easily be avoided.

By PaulaSquillacioti on Oct 9, 2013

My daughter has a sever peanut and tree nut allergy. Chic-Fil-A uses refined peanut oil, and there is a significant difference. Refined peanut oil means the peanut extract is taken out. My daughter eats Chick-Fil-A all the time.

By ldwells62 on Oct 13, 2013

@ Megan ^^^^ NOT worth the risk of dying over peanut oil. Curious what your parent's thought of this? Do they know? Everyone is different. Food allergies can get worse and no one knows what the next reaction might be (if there is a next time) Better to stay away than die.

By meghanmccroskey12398 on Oct 10, 2013

I have a very severe peanut allergy. If I injest as little as 1/44,000th of a peanut it will trigger a life-threatening Anaphylactic reaction. I tried Chick fil a last year and had no problems. I've eaten almost twice a week for about 6 months and still have had no problems. I encourage to try it. I'm only 15 and it was my decision to take this leap of faith and even if I would have had a reaction, I wouldn't regret it.

By Florapost on Oct 11, 2013

My PA son reacted to it. Don't take the chance.

By ldwells62 on Oct 13, 2013

NO WAY! It is NOT worth the risk. My pediatric allergist says STRICT AVOIDANCE. There are so many other safe foods to be consumed. Why take a chance? When in doubt, go without :)

By tandgmom on Oct 16, 2013

We eat at Chick-fil-a several times a week, including my dd with a severe pa/ea. However, she does not eat any of the items cooked in the peanut oil (she couldn't anyway because of egg cross contamination). She loves the grilled nuggets, the fries (canola oil-dedicated fryer), and the fruit. Whenever any school or other group gets chick-fil-a nuggets, I always have them order my dd a 12-piece grilled. Now, I realize this may not be in everyone else's comfort zone, but we're comfortable with it and never had any problems.

By autbrat on Nov 3, 2013

Yeah I would definitely not chance it. My son has a 5/5 for his peanut allergy and learned the hard way about stuff cooked at Chik-fil-A. We avoid that place like the plague now. I am not sure where the doctor got his information but I know my son reacts to the peanut oil there.