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When i was a 2 years old (14 years ago) and diagnoised with my allergy to peanuts the doctor told my parents peanut oil wouldnt be a problem for me because the protein is not present in it. I must of eaten stuff with peanut oil countless times and never had a reaction. Up until reading these boards i thought people that were PA allergic were never allergic to the peanut oil. Thoughts?

On Jun 1, 2001

They aren't!

I mean, no, the OIL is always safe... at least in theory. The problem is that we live in a world where nothing's perfect, including processing an oil from its source.

As long as the protein itself isn't present, you won't have a problem, but peanut is a really risky thing to gamble with! Even after the oil has been heated to very high temperatures, the protein component remains highly allergenic (this is one of the primary characteristics of a highly allergenic protein of any kind). In a highly allergic person, the amount of peanut protein needed to cover this period . could be 100 times the amount needed to cause anaphylaxis.

Not a good risk, but one which IS still within some people's comfort zones. (Not mine, however!) Hot processing actually can make the oil contamination problem worse, but cold pressed oils are extremely dangerous too, because the higher pressures needed can cause greater protein transfer to the oil. Even with a manufacturer whose products are reasonably safe (Planters was reputedly so for a long time)...well, we all know here manufacturers can change methods at whim! [img][/img]

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On Jun 1, 2001

Someone else posted this link earlier and it has great information on peanut oil.

the article states that "Unrefined or '[b]cold pressed[/b]' peanut oil, or 'gourmet oil' with peanut material added for flavour are dangerous.


Sue in Sunny Arizona

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On Jun 2, 2001

im not highly allergic though i was tested as being a 3 at like 8 years old and since then i think its gotten even less. I remember kids would eat peanut butter and jelly near me and i'd feel like throwing up but now that stuff doesnt bother me i just hate the smell out of conditioning =).

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