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Peanut intolerance? Mild peanut allergy symptoms but negative allergy test?

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My teenage daughter ate part of a friends peanut butter at school one day and told me she felt like her chest was tight after (has asthma) and that her mouth felt wierd, she did not feel well, and that later her stomach hurt. She said her symptoms were mild, but as her mother I was concerned, so I made a doctors appointment to see if she had a peanut allergy. The doctor agreed that the symptoms sounded like it could be an allergy and sent her for allergy testing at the childrens hospital. The test came back negative saying there was absolutely no sign of an allergy. But I am still worried it could be an allergy and that next time she eats a peanut her reaction could be much more severe. Could she have a peanut sensitivity or intolerance? Does that even exist? Or could she have an allergy but it just not have shown up on the skin test? (It is a very good hospital and very good doctor so it is not that we need to get a second opinion) And my daughter is a teenager and is in highschool if that is of any help, and has no other allergies

By MS on Mar 19, 2013

Hi-my son going into college this fall is severely allergic to peanuts. I was reading something online that said peanuts have different proteins in it, and if a skin test is not the best way to find out if your child has peanut allergy, as it may not pick up the right protein in the test. Thus showing negative results on peanut allergy, although your child may have reacted to it. I'll try and see my browsing history to locate the article and post it for you to view.