Peanut Free Tree Nuts

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I just wrote to these companies and they wrote back saying that they do not process any peanut products! So for those who are peanut allergic but are still able to enjoy tree nuts here are some options. This is a collective of independent farmers, each one processes their own items: [b]Hazelnuts[/b] Freddy Guys Filberts [url=""][/url] [b]Macadamias[/b] McManigle Grove [url=""][/url] (they also stated that they are ONLY processing macadamias at this time) MnM's Nuthouse [url=""][/url]

Costco sometimes carries almonds and pecans that are peanut free-- read the label because they change suppliers-- they are always cross-contaminated with other tree nuts.

By pjpowell on Mar 19, 2009

We use Blue Diamond Almonds. My PA daughter doesn't eat them, but we feel okay eating them around her since they are from a peanut free plant.