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Peanut-free tree nuts

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Hi, My fiance is allergic to peanuts, but fine with all tree nuts. I'd like to integrate them more into our diet but so many nuts have peanut warnings on them. Are there any brands of nuts that are peanut-free? Thanks.

On Nov 26, 2006

Blue Diamond Almonds, product of California.

Come in cans & usually found in nuts/snacks section of grocery store and/or in wine section.

More expensive, but worth it for the peanut free & beacause they are very good.


On Nov 26, 2006


On Nov 27, 2006

Just watch - not *all* Blue Diamond are peanut free; for example, the Jordan Almonds are not (read the labels). I've purchased whole nuts in the shell and shelled them myself if I want to make a certain recipe (but it's a pain!)

On Jan 6, 2007

I too had trouble finding peanut free tree nuts, is that information still true. Because all the blue diamond walnuts in our NJ stores are not peanut-plant free, please let me know.

On Jan 6, 2007

I bought peanut-free tree nuts from [url=""][/url] I have a 6 yo PA son. They were simply awesome! Until we discovered that my youngest son (he's 4 now)is highly allergic to pistachios and cashews. Had to give them all away. But I corresponded with tierra farms and they are peanut-free.

On May 9, 2007

Depending on where you live, you may also get local nuts. We live in area with alot of pecans. One of the local stores buys from a guy whose machines shell only pecans, and so I feel comfortable bringing those home.

BTW, all the Blue Diamond almonds we have here in Texas seem to be PN free.

------------------ Lori Jo,

Rose, 7-31-02, PA Beatrice & Georgia, 8-14-99

On May 9, 2007

Here I was, all excited about Tierra Farms & then I notice the source for pine nuts & pepitos (pumpkin seeds) is China. (I didn't look at other items as those were the 2 I wanted.) Even if Tierra Farms has been assured by their sources in China that those 2 items are peanut-free, *I* cannot trust that. Not after the recent news as to melamine in foodstuffs.

Back to shelling my own pinon pine nuts (ugh) and pumpkin seeds in October. Big fat bummer.