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I would like to ask some of you a question. Do you have a peanut/tree nut free table for your child at school? My son did not have one his kindergarten year. He sat outside the lunchroom any time there was something questionable on the menu. During his 1st grade year he had a peanut free table. He seemed alienated from everyone else. The OCR says it is discrimination and I feel the same. I want my son to be able to sit with everyone else. What do all of you do? I am getting prepared for a 504 meeting before school and want to get my ducks in a line before I go into this.

On Jun 12, 2008

We tried doing the peanut free table but the school put a table on the stage in the cafeteria and it was like she was in the spotlight for everyone to see. There were only maybe 3 other kids there with her and I didn't like it. The OCR said it was discrimination and I also didn't like the fact that my daughter was being segregated and had to sit in a specific place. She's very social and I want her to sit with whoever she wants at lunch. I also felt it made things too easy on the school and didn't really solve the problem of risking her to exposure of peanuts especially if the other kids in her class were going to have permission to eat peanuts and have contact with my daughter after eating them. Also, if i accepted this plan when she's in kindergarten then it would follow her throughout her school years and as she gets older she may not feel happy about sitting at a table for food allergies. With a lot of help from OCR we finally got her classroom peanut free meaning no snacks, lunches, or activities involving peanut/nut products in her classroom or at her lunch table in the cafeteria. She also gets to carry an emergency bag everywhere she goes that contains her epipen (as well as her glucagon for type 1 diabetes, a glucose meter, and extra snacks in case of low blood wouldn't believe how bad they discriminated against her type 1 diabetes! ) They originally didn't want her to have ANY "sharps" at all and wanted to keep all of them locked up in the office! We had to FIGHT them TOOTH AND NAIL to get all this for my daughter but it was well worth it though and I feel much better about sending her to school and I know it will make things easier on other children who have peanut allergies in the future. I hope you don't have to go through what we did in order to get a peanut free classroom but if you do, stay strong and focused on what you want/need for your daughter. Good Luck.

On Jun 14, 2008

Hi there

I don't know the size of your school but what abaout having a "peanut table"? that way any of the kids that bring PB &J to school can sit together then all go wash thier hands and face? I am sure that there are lots of kids that bring pb & J so that child probably wouldn't be sitting alone? just a thought.

I am very fortunate that my son attends a peanut free school. There is no PB & J or nut products on the menu and they arenot allowed to bring PB & J for lunch. As far as the " amy contains" that is pretty hard to control. but as long as my son doesn't eat it he should be ok.

anyway that is my suggestion

On Jun 16, 2008

Can you share where the OCR has said that peanut-free tables discrimate?

I know of several children in diff districts who are unhappy with this arrangement. Most can get out of it, but in one case the school is insisting.

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On Jun 16, 2008

When I spoke with the TN Dept of Education lawyer he told me that the OCR said that peanut free tables are discrimination. He said that a child could not be segregated from other children because of food allergies. When I spoke with the man at the OCR he never said it, but I do not think I asked him about it. I am trying to do everything but file a official complaint with the OCR. The lawyer for the DOE of TN is who told me that. Another mom on this site was told by the OCR it was discrimination. It was discussed in this post. Read all of the posts from the beginning.

On Jun 16, 2008

They put the peanut free table on a STAGE so that they are not only isolated, but put in the spotlight? What thoughtless jerks they must be! Boy, that just makes me sick.