peanut-free table and classroom, still not satisfied


Has anyone in Massachusetts ban p from school before? Although my 5 year old daughter sits at a p-free table in lunch room and has a p-free classroom, I am still not satisfied that it is EVERYWHERE ELSE!!! I've not really PUSHED the issue yet to school boards etc. YET. Should I bother? Or is this something I have to get used to(although I know I never will)? I can't sleep Sunday thru Thurs. On Friday after pick up, I can finally relax for 2 days knowing she is safe. I worry myself sick,LITTERALLY!!! Does anyone have advice for a worried sick mom? Thank You!

On Jan 26, 2005

Yes. Don't send your child to that school. Homeschool if you're that worried.

Otherwise you've got to come to terms with the fact that you can't control the whole world, and not everyone will be made to bow to your wishes.

Get over it.

On Jan 26, 2005

must be troll season....whatever..

On Jan 27, 2005

Hmmm...I'm going to hedge a bet that Lucy's mom is 23. be youthful and ignorant. I was once like that. Thought I knew everything in my early 20's, especially armed with a nice, new college degree.

Glad I grew up and am on the latter side of 35. With age comes wisdom, tolerance, and compassion.

The above poster's whiny, complaining tone sounds like my teenage daughter. Good thing I can laugh off the stupidity of youth.

On Jan 27, 2005

Nuzzy, welcome! [img][/img]

lucysmom23, great response to Nuzzy, not. Perhaps you should get over yourself. We actually don't tolerate, for the most part, the homeschool your PA child yourself argument, especially when it is our children's *right* to go to school.

Nuzzy, how long has your daughter been going to school? Is this her first year? Do you have a 504 plan in place that gives her the peanut free classroom and table?

Has she had any reactions because she does not go to a peanut free school?

My son is in his 6th year of school and although I would consider him highly sensitive, he has only had one reaction at school. At first, I thought it was contact to residue and it actually took me 1-1/2 years to figure out that it was actually to something he ingested in the breakfast program I was running.

If you look at 504 Plans posted on this board, I think the best thing you can do is have as many precautions put into place so that your daughter will not have a reaction - you try to reduce or minimize the risk of her having a reaction at school.

I know my guy has had to navigate throughout a peanut filled school since Day 1. And yet, he has been okay.

He does have his own computer keyboard and mouse for computer lab. This year we were told that we didn't need it because the keyboards are wiped down after each use.

He has always had a peanut free classroom.

I would really just try to implement as many safeguards as possible for your daughter. How is she at school with regard to her allergy? Is she freaked out as well?

Most everyone here knows how hard it is to send a PA child to school never knowing if you are going to get "the phone call" or not. It can be extremely stressful and wearing.

Or, do you feel you are able to speak with the school and ask them about the possibility of a ban?

Are you able to speak with anyone about the extreme stress that you are feeling?

Sorry, don't know if a bunch of questions help, but it helps me to get a response more in order.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 27, 2005


Originally posted by mae: [b]must be troll season....whatever..[/b]

Yes mae,I do think we have more trolls Whats realy bad I think I know where they are comming from,my area.It doesnot suprise me. I must say I am sorry that every time a parent has issues on this board about schools I see the trend of trolls.

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On Jan 27, 2005

Synthia, why do you think this is coming from your area? Do you think this is directed towards your child?

On Jan 27, 2005


My children are in the middle of things,I am stronger and ready for the f****!

Somethings where said to me from some persons.

That are directly related to comments on this site. I can(deal with it)but,when it affects my children,you had better be ready for this.

Again dd wakes up and does not want to go to school. Not to change the subject,but when a 6 yo come to me and tells me dd is not supose to sit in the middle of the table but at the end of the table.My blood boils.....

Mark my words.. If it is the last thing on earth I doo before I pass on it will be to [b]make a differents in this world on the way people think about the peanut allergy. educate, educate, educate.[/b]

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On Jan 27, 2005


Is there anything that we can do to help you? I cannot believe that you think this person is from your school system. YUK!! How absolutely horrible to have to deal with people like this. [img][/img]

I'm sorry you are going through this. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

On Jan 27, 2005

e-mom,thank you.

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On Jan 27, 2005

troll season - again. Hmmmm! 23? I think not. In my city the high school students are off school to study for exams.

So, little troll - go crack a book open and learn something. [img][/img]