Peanut Free Table


I need to hear from other people, what they think of the following situation.

My wife and I have 2 children ages 9 and 7 that are allergic to peanuts, mild to moderate reactions. To date, we have never had to administer an epi-pen, but have given Benadryl.

In school, they have always been sitting with the general population, until the school instituted a new policy that all allergic children need to sit at a peanut free table, unless they have a note from their Dr. stating otherwise.

So, we got a note from the Dr saying

On Mar 17, 2006

Is segregation due to disability no longer against the law? Last time I checked it was. Sorry for the sarcasm, but that policy is SO illegal. My dd does have a peanut free table, but that was because her doctor said she needs one. It is against the law to require a pa child to sit at a table just for pa kids the same way it is against the law to require an African American child to sit at a table just for African American kids or to require a Jewish child to sit at a table just for Jewish kids. Again I don`t have a problem with the idea of a peanut free table, my dd sits at one with her two best friends who are not pa, but it was my decision, not the school`s decision. They cannot require it any more than they can require a special table for certain ethnic groups.

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On Mar 17, 2006

I agree with Carefulmom. DS sits at a peanut-free table. It was the school's idea, but I agree for him to sit there. I don't think our school would argue if I said no. But they also allow non-PA kids to sit there, as long as they have nut-free lunches. So DS is not segregated, can sit with friends, and is still safe. I do understand the school wanting a doctor's note saying they do not need to sit at the peanut-free table. But they should accept the note as written.

On Mar 17, 2006

This seems like another one of the CYA warnings from the school. "If you want your child to sit in the general population, hey put it in writing for us and we're done with it." That's how I interpret that statement from your school.

Personally, just like Carefulmom and Jimmy's Mom, I'm in favor of the peanut-free table. Its more in my comfort zone. My DD sits at a peanut-free table with all of her friends as long as they are not eating any pnuts/nuts. It just keeps her safe from a table that has PB. But, if she wanted to sit with others at the other tables, she can. We both just feel safer knowing that PB is not so close.

On Mar 22, 2006

im pretty sure im going to let my son eat at the peanut free table when he starts first grade. i worry about after lunch when kids have peanut butter hands and touch everything like door handles, computers, chairs, etc.

On Mar 22, 2006

I agree that its a perfectly acceptable letter. In fact I think the school would not be smart to take that last line out because it almost puts the responsibility on the student and not the school.....I wouldnt take it out.