Peanut Free Schools in USA


I have a 3 year old daughter who is severely PA. I am starting with the preschool, trying to get them to consider a peanut free policy, especially for kids so young and unable to protect themselves.

I then have to move to our public school system in Westlake, Ohio, which is not peanut free. I would like to reference other US public schools who are peanut free, in my presentation for them to consider such a policy. In addition, it would be helpful to know what the key points were for the school administrators making that decision, and how it was documented.

I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I'm sure many of you who have been at this for so many years must have some advise.

I look forward to hearing back!

On Dec 7, 2001


This news article may help you a little bit: [url=""][/url]

Also, Im not positive, but I think the Duffy School in West Hartford, CT is peanut free. Here is their web site if you would like to call to verify: [url=""][/url]

Please let me know how it goes, I have been trying to persuade Lake Washington School District (the eastside of Seattle) to become peanut free, but it has been a very difficult process. Good thing you are starting early!!

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On Dec 8, 2001

I can't help you much with public schools, but my daughter's pre-school is peanut/chocolate free. You can reach them at Tumble Bugs Preschool, Norwalk, CT. They have very strict guidelines about food, and even give us a shopping guide.

Good Luck in your endeavor!

On Dec 8, 2001

I'm curious about the situation in the US, (I'm in Canada.) Do all elementary schools provide cafeteria lunches and what types of contracts do they enter into regarding their food supply?

On Dec 8, 2001

River- As a public school teacher in NJ I can share a few things about food supply. In some schools the food service is within the same union as the teachers. This provides more control over the food as well as the servers. However, this rarely is profitable so...... in some areas it is privatized. This means the is a separate service coming in to cook and serve. Less control over the whole thing. I believe all schools in NJ provide the option of buying some sort of lunch. Hope that helps. Arlene

On Dec 11, 2001

I wish you the best of luck! The biggest problem you are going to face is this argument - "You cannot make the world a peanut free place". My son is 10 years old and has been at the same elementary school here in Texas since kindergarten. I have been called so many times to come and pick him up because he was vomiting all over. Which of course was caused by the other kids eating peanuts around him! I hope that you can get through to them. You might suggest if they wont take PB off the lunch menu that they at least ban it from parties, snacks, etc. If it can only come from one place(the lunchline) it is easier to watch for. I have argued until I am blue with so success - I have even paid for all of the snacks on TAAS testing days, to avoid him coming into contact with it. Let me know how it goes - I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

On Dec 11, 2001

I am so sorry for your son. I can't believe that the school is putting him and you through that. Please print out the article on the Seattle schools, referenced in the first reply of this thread, and give it to the school! Documentation will be everything.

I will keep you all posted on how this goes. I have research data, a written presentation, etc that I have given to the preschool today. I will share with all of you any successes, so that you too can implement the same locally.

As far as the argument - you can't make the entire world peanut free.... My response is that for young children, they need to be protected. Preschool, Kindergarten and young elementary children are not mature enough to protect themselves, so we as their care-givers must do whatever it takes to keep them alive and well. As they get older, (ie high school) they will be better equipped to do the right thing for themselves, including self-injection!

Any other formalized documentation anyone can post here that will substantiate the arguement of getting schools peanut free would be very much appreciated.

On Dec 12, 2001


There is a public school in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, that is peanut free. I posted the name of the school and the school nurse's name in (I think) the Schools board or Support Group board under Pennsylvania. I'll try to bring it up today if I can.

On Dec 12, 2001

My son's preschool is Prince of Peace in Virginia Beach. They became peanut/nut free after having one child with PA. I ordered the tapes from FAAN and books to help educate them further. The teachers, staff and parents are amazingly cooperative. I was blessed to find this school after having met a great lady from this website. It is such a comfort to have the awareness and the safe feeling about his learning experience. I must say that I am frightened about next fall...the public school is great, but not peanut free. Decisions, decisions.