Peanut-Free Schools

Posted on: Thu, 04/27/2000 - 12:35pm
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Does anyone know of any states that have banned peanuts from their public school systems? I heard Georgia did. If not an entire state public school system, are there any school districts with such bans?


Posted on: Fri, 04/28/2000 - 3:46am
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pI haven't heard of that. I feel like if it were true, somebody on this board would have brought it up./p

Posted on: Fri, 04/28/2000 - 9:51am
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pI live in Massachusetts and although my son isn't in school yet I have heard that the schools (I don't know if all or some) ban peanuts from their lunch programs and/or in classes. Not sure if this is state-wide but obviously it should be./p

Posted on: Sun, 04/30/2000 - 2:24am
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pSomeone who posts on another board said that in her kids elementry school peanuts were banned. I cant remember if it was in her school in the DC area or Atlanta area. I will ask her. I am in the Dallas area and have heard that soon our schools will ban peanuts in elementry school, I hope so! our daycare did!/p

Posted on: Sun, 04/30/2000 - 6:09am
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pMy daughter began Kindergarten last fall. The school went "Peanut Free" It was a little imitating to them at first. They were somewhat surprised as to how much can happen when a child comes into contact with peanuts. K-grade 5 is in the school and nothing with peanuts allowed. It's really amazing as to how fast these children catch on and look out for the PA kid. We only had one incident with a parent (A nurse) can you believe it! that felt it was her childs right to bring the peanut butter sandwich to school. The princip[al said fine but that her child would be eating alone in a small confined area. It was her decision. No incidents at all and I am very pleased./p

Posted on: Sun, 04/30/2000 - 11:13am
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pI heard on the evening national news some time ago (probably 2 years ago) that the Federal Government was considering banning peanuts from the federal school lunch program due to the increase of p.a. among children. It mentioned the states that had already banned it (think it was 2 or 3 but don't remember which ones.) It might be worth doing a search on a congressional or U.S. education website. FAN might also have a listing of such states. I have a friend who used to live in Georgia and peanuts were banned from the school her child attended. She lived in the Atlanta area./p
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Posted on: Mon, 12/01/2003 - 11:32am
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