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Can you request a classroom to be nut free, obviously restarting a school to be is out of question I'm sure, but is it to much to request a classroom to be nut free? My son is a severe nut kids only one in school of 250+ and has epi pens and we don't want to home school, we are hoping to not keep him in a bubble his whole life but how can you have the best of both worlds?

By faithfamilycoffee on Sep 3, 2013

It's not too much to ask for. Your school is required to do what's necessary for your child to be safe. Your child needs a 504 plan. In that plan you list the special needs your child has. One of them would be a nut free classroom. In our case, when my son was going into Kindergarten, I researched what was needed and then presented it to the school. It was a new concept for them. My husband and I have held many meetings explaining what a reaction looks like and how to use the Epi pen with the staff that would come in contact with him. Our school has 450 students. This year is my sons fifth year there and he has done well. We now have three nut free classrooms and the plan we put in effect 5 years ago has worked for others. Education is the key. (I used info from FAAN and like the book "food allergies for Dummies". It has sample forms like the 504 plan and the Emergency Action Plan that you will need to prepare)