Peanut free Preschool


I'm so excited to report that after numerous calling I found a peanut free preschool for my soon to be three year old PA son. It is called Fit by Five; an additional bonus is all the staff are trained on the use of epi pens!!!! Going back a bit; I called about 5 schools, while I found some did take precautions, one school actually told me they didn't want to deal with that kind of problem!! Also most schools only have one person who can administer the epi, their backup plan is to call 911 or the parents. Both are unacceptable. If the "Trained Epi Pen person" is at lunch or sick they go to their backup plan!! Sounds crazy doesn't it? Anyway I'm delighted in my good news and wanted to share it with all.


On Mar 30, 2000

that is great news!! my son's went P free too. It is helpful.