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I found this forum while I was searching google for Peanut-Free Planet. I am happy to have found this site. However, after reading Brian Selwa, Heather Selwa and Peanut-Free Planet's posts I felt the need to comment. The Peanut-Free Planet site states that "All Products are Manufactured in facilities that are both Peanut Free and Nut Free!" However, on this site Peanut-Free Planet and Brian both posted that they, Peanut-Free Planet, sell products from Blueberry Hill. Brian and Heather from Peanut-Free Planet then admit that Blueberry Hill is not a peanut-free facility. (See Brian Selwa's post dated 10/22/07 entitled "Re: candy corn?" and Peanut-Free Planet's post dated 04/01/2008 entitled "Re: Blueberry hill now processed in shared facility." See also, Peanut-Free Planet's website for their claims and the items they sell.)

I am always disappointed when a company fails to deliver on its claims. I am especially disappointed in this case, because of the active participation of Heather and Brian of Peanut-Free Planet on this forum.

I recognize that we are all ultimately responsible for our own safety, but I for one would like companies to step up to the plate and stop making misleading statements and false claims. I intend to comment on the new FDA guidelines and I would encourage all of you to do the same.

On Sep 28, 2008

As much as I love PFP I do agree that they shouldn't have that statement if an item is not truly in a peanut free facility. They (Blueberry Hill) do have a separate room for the candy corn and we do trust it but some may not.

I will admit that at least once I have begged PFP to carry the candy corn. So far they only carry it around Halloween which happens to be the only time I can find it semi-locally.

On Oct 4, 2008

Hi, this is Heather & Brian from Peanut Free Planet. We wanted to post this information as we feel there is much incomplete information that is making its way through the blogs. If anyone has comments, or, would like more information please feel free to email me at [email][/email]

Blueberry Hill Foods makes many kinds of hard and soft candies at their US owned plant in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas. Some of their products contain peanuts and tree nuts and these are clearly indicated on the label.

Blueberry Hill Foods has 2 self contained facilities, one that contains peanuts and tree nuts which is the smaller facility, and a much larger facility that is peanut and tree nut free. The smaller self contained facility is located within the larger self contained facility.

1. Each facility has its own entrances and exits. The plant personnel who work in one self contained facility can not physically enter the larger self contained facility. There is never sharing of employees 2. The two facilities do not share air with each other. They each have their own air handling equipment. 3. Peanuts and Tree Nuts are confined to the smaller self contained facility. Peanuts and Tree Nuts enter this facility only, are processed into products in this facility, packed in this facility and shipped out of this facility by a separate entrance. At no time are peanuts or tree nuts or products containing them ever allowed to enter the larger peanut free facility. 4. Ingredients for both facilities are stored separately and Blueberry Hill requires allergen control documentation from all its suppliers.

The large peanut free facility including the area surrounding the smaller peanut containing facility is tested regularly for peanuts and tree nuts and not once have the tests been positive. The Neogen tests are conducted by Silliker Labs, a third party food allergen auditing, testing and consulting laboratory. [url=""][/url] and [url=""][/url]

Blueberry Hill Foods has maintained a stellar record of food facility safety certification. Starting in 2000, the facility received Excellent ratings and in 2004 and 2005, Superior Ratings from AIB (American Institute of Baking). In 2006, Blueberry Hill began certification under the more rigorous GMA-SAFE program and in 2008, the most rigorous RAI program, the same supplier program required by the world

On Oct 4, 2008


Thank you for the information. I believe it will help people make a more informed choice. Your definition of facility differs from my definition of facility, which is one reason why I working vigilantly on my comment to the FDA on the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. When I use the term facility, I mean a structure or structures at one general physical location, as that term is used by the FDA in the Bioterrorism Act, without an ownership exception. I would use the terms layout, design or area when describing a business like Blueberry Hill.

Having had a contact reaction last night reaffirmed in my mind the necessity of clear terms and FDA guidelines for food handling, manufacturing, processing and storage. I hope your comment to this thread opens the discussion to what an allergy affected person would consider a facility, and labeling suggestions for facilities like Blueberry Hill.