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peanut free icecream?

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Hi I have just come across 3 brands of ice cream that say on the container "PEANUT AND NUT FREE ICE CREAM" and when readint the ingredients it says "May contain traces of nuts".....Just an FYI - even items that say they are nut free may contain nuts. We just cant win!

On Oct 18, 2006


On Oct 18, 2006

hmm, thats odd Can I ask what brands?

On Oct 18, 2006

I don't know how to raise or re-raise threads, but in the Manufacturers forum, bottom of page 3, there is information on Stoney Creek ice cream, provided by Erik.

As you are in Ontario, these are probably the cartons you are seeing. The manufacturer is using up old packaging, but putting nut-free labels on the new-product-in-old-cartons

I have been buying these lately, as there are different flavours from Chapmans, and DD has not had any trouble.

On May 6, 2007 live in Canada and be able to have Chapmans! I always buy a half-gallon when I'm up there and gorge myself on ice cream. I don't eat manufactured brands as it's out of my comfort zone. However, we do have a gelato place here in town which uses hazelnuts and pistachios but not peanuts. I fell comfortable there as I am not TA.