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peanut free family attractions

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I am this Summer really struggling to find peanut free family attractions to take my children. could you kindly help me with some and also wouldn't it be great if someone would make a directory?

Maybe I will create one.....


By jordnoedder on Jun 19, 2009

I just finished a 6 week struggle with Battleship NJ and they have finally come around and granted us a peanut free section in their mess zone:

Here is their reply of today, which is a 180 degree turn around from earlier: First, thank you for calling our attention to a “peanut free environment.” As Joe replied to you, we do not use any peanuts, nor peanut oil in any of the food that is prepared for meals here on the Battleship. We do, however, offer some peanut snacks that individuals can purchase on their own at the ship’s Chow Line and Geedunk. We did some investigating into peanut free areas. In fact, we spoke with the Camden Riversharks baseball team. I was interested to find out how a baseball team addressed the peanut issue, and they do offer “Peanut Free Areas.” We, too, will now offer such an area in the Battleship’s Crew’s Mess. We will establish some signage and we have identified a section of tables that will now be a peanut free area. Thank you for bring this matter to our attention. I hope our resolution is acceptable to you! Jack Willard VP – Marketing and Sales Battleship New Jersey

By jenniferbfab on Jun 19, 2009

Hi Jordnoedder

Wow! I am impressed with Battleship New Jersey. That's great! I am surprised I am saying this because I am proud peanut-avoiding purist, but I have never tried to find peanut-free attractions for my kids. My main focus is just on making sure I can either bring my own food or feel very comfortable with the chef/restaurant. It would be interesting to see a directory of peanut-free attractions. There are a few amusement parks which are serving allergy-friendly snacks and meals, such as Holiday World, but I don't think any parks are peanut-free. I could be mistaken...

Kudos for a good idea. Keep us posted, will you?

Jennifer B

By BestAllergySites on Jun 19, 2009


Good for you on getting a peanut free section!!

That being said-I think you will be hard pressed to find a peanut free family attraction on a large scale. I think it's near impossible. Honestly-I don't even like the term "peanut free" because in life there are no guarantees.

I suggest you look into smaller venues that don't allow food. Many museums and small attractions like discovery museums do not allow food because of liability and food allergies.

Larger scale places or amusement parks are bound to serve some sort of peanut type food or potential cross contamination food or allow outside food in.

Let us know if you find a place! Ruth

By HookwormIsHope on Oct 16, 2010

I'm sorry about the lack of information all of us are providing!! haha, I was curious if there were any 'peanut-free' parks ect. and read the comments to see if anyone new of any, and frankly, it made me depressed! Someone should start more support groups, parks and camps for PA. It's apauling that PA is on the rise, yet awareness has not been on the rise and that secure places for people affected by PA are not availible. Does anyone have the money to start a place such as this?! Haha, if so, I'd be more than willing to help!