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peanut-free chocolate cupcakes?

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Can someone help us? My grandson wants to bring cupcakes to school for his birthday to share with the class. However one child is deathly allergic to peanuts. Does anyone have a recipe for 100% peanut-free chocolate cupcakes or cookies? Thank you.

On Jun 10, 2001

Hi Deanna - I see you are a fellow Ontarian! You know what I would do in your situation? I would ask the school to get the parent of the allergic child to give you a phone call herself. That way, she knows you are looking for safe baking brands to use to make cupcakes. She can probably give you the product names she uses for baking.

The reason I would do it this way, is because a lot of parents of peanut allergic children automatically say no to home-baked goods, and I would hate to have you go to the trouble of making them and then not have them served! If you set up a dialogue with the mother, you can get a feel for how comfortable she would be with home-baked cupcakes.

There are some safe cake mixes on the market, so you wouldn't have to bake one from scratch. Ask the mother if she's comfortable with Betty Crocker (always check the ingredients label thoroughly), for example. Also, if you use paper cupcake holders, there will be less chance that a potentially nut-contaminated muffin pan will be a problem. Everyone's comfort level with home-baked goods is different, but you can tell the mother you will be extremely careful that no cross-contamination occurs.

I think it's so wonderful when parents or grandparents of non-allergic children ask for help on this web site! Thanks so much for caring about PA kids and their safety - so many don't these days. All the best to you, and Happy Birthday to your grandson! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Jun 10, 2001

DeannaB: I agree with Cayley's Mom on this one, but I wanted to thank you for being such a compassionate and caring person. Members of my own family have not shown as much concern about my daughter's allergies as you are demonstrating about your grandson's classmate.

You are a wonderful role model for your grandson! Thank you!


On Jun 10, 2001

I also say check with the allergic child's parents first. If the child's parents decline your kind offer, do not take it personally. Believe me, they will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. You certainly have gone out of your way by finding this bulletin board and posting on it. Happy birthday to your grandson, who is lucky to have such a caring grandmother.

On Jun 11, 2001

Deanna - I just wanted to clarify why we haven't been more helpful. We all have different "comfort zones" about food.

For example, my recipe for peanut-free cupcakes might not be acceptable for another member of this web site, because she doesn't feel as comfortable with the food manufacturer I selected, as I am.

Do you understand what I mean? It's hard to know what to recommend you make, because I'm not familiar with the other mother's "comfort zone". (Believe me, we hate this allergy as much as you do! It's a pain but we HAVE to do what we do. You don't, but you're still making the effort - my hat is off to you.)