Peanut free chocolate bars canada


Hi, I'm 21 years old and just a few months ago found out that I developed an allergy to peanuts! I am a chocoholic and at first found it extremely hard to find peanut free chocolate bars. I live in Canada and I want to know how you know the following are safe to eat: Nestle after eight (In a rectangular box)that you can get around Christmas time. Some after eights say may contain peanuts some say processed in the same place as peanuts some say processed on equipment that also processes peanuts and some say absolutely nothing. The after eights box i have says nothing about peanuts. Is this safe? Also I know you can get snack sized candy bars from nestle that are peanut free with the peanut free symbol. What about the larger bars without the peanut free symbol? They say nothing about containing peanuts. (Aero, coffee crisp, kitkat) I know some aero are made in UK and some in Canada. Are all that are made in UK and Canada manufactured in a nut free facility even though they don't have the nut ree symbol on them?

An aero chocolate bar that I have says: Liscence: nestle CANADA inc. north york on, M2N 6S8 but does not say "manufactured in canada" The mint aero says "made in england" I want to eat one so bad haha but want to know if i can!